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Theoretical Origins:

The Beginning of Theorems.

What a theory, or a thesis is all about: is officially described as your own discovery, or your own interpretation, that comes out of synthesizing other authors’ ideas, as well as your own life experiences in relation to a particular issue.
– And that’s in a question, or even debate.

Theory’s can’t be Proved.

If a theory is based on fact, then it’s an absolute statement.
– If it’s proved by its existence.
Then it is a (Fact), and not a (Theory.)

Based on the above Statement.

There is a (General Theory) out there, and its called, (the General Theory of Evolution),  but it’s now called: [ the Survival of the Fittest ], and was Published by Darwin and Spencer, in or about 1864.

– But it wasn’t.

The original theory was called, (Survival through Natural Selection),  but the Media and the rest put a spin on it.

What theories do.

Darwin used Spencer’s new phrase “Survival of the Fittest.” And used it for his own theory called ‘Natural Selection’.
– But it was taken out of concept.

Darwin simply meant it as a Metaphor, for “Better designed for an immediate, local environment”. Not the common inference of, “In the best Physical Shape”.

Unfortunately, that description of ‘best designed’, doesn’t have the same sexy ring to it. So it wasn’t adopted by the Media at the time, and the rest, as they say: is history.

Meaning: { the same as their own Victorian theory has gone down in history }, and then eagerly adopted by us.

The question asked at that time was, (most – Adapted), — (better – Designed), — (or – Fittest!) — And just guess which one wins in our Victorian’s mind, – (And secretly ours as well!)

The word ( Fittest ) slots in quite nicely in their, and our own superior belief and mind set: because we are at the pinnacle of evolution, because that’s what everyone said, so it must be true: because (they) say so!

– We are the (Superior Being) after all.

Secretly: that was what that theory was all about.

The (Theory of Evolution) was based on the observation of animals in the wild, (complete with the Observers own preconceptions), and also the vast plant and biological samples sent in from all around the world.

Being there, (at that precise moment in time), greatly influenced the eye-witnesses slant on what they saw.

The Victorians were at the peak of their own prowess: towering above their subjects, the (Investigators) smiled at God’s great diversity, then looked down in conceit at their dead, and dying samples expiring under the knife.

From this platform of absolute superiority: the brave Investigator-Vivisectionists then put their own spin on their findings.

Proving that Statement.

Most (Researchers) consider themselves, [and the (Organisation) that supports them], to be the most beneficial and advanced that there possibly can be, because the Individual is, and are working for  them: and they obviously don’t make mistakes, because they are professionals.

Their high-minded attitude is taken from two sources.

1.) Their Patronage.
– This is an old style word for (Person), or (Organizations) who are paying them a wage. The findings they come up with, *must* reflect the company; or person’s belief, and/or policy.

2.) Their own (Blind Prejudice).
– From that closed in view, comes from our religious convictions, or our national conviction of superiority.

(We all have this trait.)

* Admit that the French are better at Government.
* Admit that the Mexicans are a hard-working country.
* Admit that the Americans are trim, and fit, and a health conscious nation.
* Admit that the Germans have a sense of Humour.
* Admit that the British aren’t a Superior Nation.

– We are, ( by Nature ): racist.

Based on that statement above, (and from their lofty and arrogant positions), the Researchers, -( who ever they are )- : then pass their own observations and considered judgements down to the uneducated masses below them.

So in conclusion.

These Scientific Technicians observations are slewed, but they don’t know it, and they are always going to put a spin on their findings: this writer hasn’t done that.

  • I’ve gone back to basics with my thinking.
    • I have no (Patrons).
      • I have a simple belief in God.
        • I have no allegiance to any church or any organisation.

From that platform: I have tried to remove all of my preconceptions in constructing these outlines. As such, I started with a blank sheet of paper, and worked forward with that, but even looking at that fiery lay-out. I was aware that I was drawing on information from my own past to construct these outlandish ideas: that then make up my theories, and if I felt that I was straying too close to my own simple beliefs: then I smartly stepped back, and then aggressively reviewed my errant thoughts on my own superiority.

(…) And I *didn’t* like what I came up with.
– Not one little bit.
But here it goes: the Links to ‘Evolution: by Survival of Runtism’ is laid out below.

(Note!) — As a Superior **Homo-Sapien on a personal quest of discovery of your own: then I have to tell you, that you aren’t going to get to it that easy, and you simply must read what a mere Man has to put up with first: Man flu? – Piffle! –  Read on.

** Homo sapiens is the systematic name used in taxonomy for anatomically modern humans, i.e. the only extant human species. The name is Latin for “wise man”, and was introduced in 1758 by Carl Linnaeus. Wikipedia, and you’ll also note: that there’s not a woman mentioned once in all this scientific artificial, another piffle, but a damned cheeky piffle this time round.

[ A Man Alone. ]

[ Humanities Dirty Little Secret. ]

[ All Runt Origins Start Here]

[ Old England (twelve thousand years). ] A special.

[ Containing: ]
Where our modern origins began.
Moving life, digging in.
Living in the Hebrides.
The Druids with us all, (hear) and now.

The Black Universal Belief, — Coming Soon.

(No one ever said that philosophy was easy, or did they?)

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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