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Free Audio Books

How to make free Audio Books.


First get your Book in text form. There are lots on the internet. I’ve included The Diary of Samuel Pepys in ‘TXT’ form from below, and my Book. Gennaro’s Children – the Gathering. Book I: … are also included here on this page as well.

  • They really work well as Audio Files.

The Gutenburg Press – Link opens a new Tab. is a great source of free TXT files. They’ve even got Shakespeare on there as well, and all out of copyright, and free!

Sound Working.

I recommend using [ HARPO – the link will open a new page ] There are others, but the voices IVONA have developed are, in my humble opinion; brilliant!

Below is a demo of the AMY voice.

I don’t have any commercial rights to put it here. I’ve asked for permission from IVONA saying it was here and if they didn’t like it then I would remove it immediately : I received no reply.

– SO! – I took it as permission to include this small example MP3 file ion my site.

As I say I can’t praise the voice enough. The small sample file above demonstrates [ AMY’s ] amazing range, and at $39.oo (euros) it’s a steel. BTW: there is nothing tweaked or anything special about this recording. it was all done inside the free HARPO reader program and then simply compiled in one of the tabs.

  • All very simple.
  • Now for the downside :

The licensing is restrictive to personal use only.

I can’t, for example; distribute the resulting MP3 files from my Books, but you can! – You can make, and use your own from any text source, and for nothing at that.

BTW : Most, if not all eBook formats, is in TEXT format!

If you decide to buy a voice, it will cost you about £32:00p depending on what deal you can find, and what voices you want to use.

  • My advice, stick to the one you like, and stay with her: or him.

I only use ANY, you may prefer the vocal connotations of DAVE or even BRYAN, they’re both OK! – Or, you may even go for any of the other eight other English speakers that they have for sale.

As I say: I prefer AMY, and have a license for just one voice.

  • You can try out as many as you want in the thirty day trial period.-#
  • When the 30 day trial is over: they won’t work, (simplez.)

The voices are installed into the computer itself and become part of the operating system. They work in XP [only with SP3 service pack installed]; Vista and Win 7 with no problem. I’ve no idea if they will work with Win-8! – I’m never going to use that piece of confused nonsense, and as far as I’m concerned: Win-8 is not fit for purpose, but they work absolutely fine on Windows 10.

After you’ve installed the program click the start Button -> Control Panel -> Speech. Then select the IVONA voice, from the drop down menu and set it up as the computers default voice. NOT SO EASY IN WIN 10

Next save the TXT files from here; or the web, to a location on your Hard Drive. Make it somewhere memorable.

Now: Run the programme called ‘IVONA Reader’. It should have been installed on your desktop.

Once running, click ‘File’ -> ‘Open’ : Then locate your TXT files. The programme will load them into a new TAB.
1.) Click on ‘Speech’ -> ‘Read to File’:
2.) In options I recommend … divide by 2 minutes.  The reason is this. If you’re listening with an iPod or similar then when you stop listening to it. All you have to do when you resume; is just listen to the last two minutes of the story. But that’s just my preference.

Here’s a screen capture of the pop up Box.

Click ‘Read on to file’. Walk away. It does take time.
The resulting MP3 files will be created in a folder called C:Documents and Settings[ your Name]My DocumentsIVONA Reader Podcasts. In the above example, you’ll find a folder called [ 01 – Intro – The Gathering. ] off the IVONA Reader Podcasts directory.

From here you can copy, ‘the Directory’; to you MP3 player. Note the word directory! or folder; if you prefer … If you simply copy the files to the place where you normally keep your Music. Then your player will play the MP3 files in the wrong order when you come to listen to the story.

I know this all sound s complicated, but its not!
The files included are below.

[ The Diary of Samuel Pepys ] is here. It’s a big file, at just under two Meg. You might want to cut it up, before loading it into a the IVONA Tab. I’ve also included my Book below. They’re stored as attachments. When you click on a link; it will open up another web Page. Click the [ attachment link ] and the TXT file will open up inside your Browser. Here’s what you do with it.

In your Browser. Press : Ctrl-A = Select All. then : Ctrl-C = Copy : This will copy the text to your clipboard.


Open up any text editor. I use Notepad. [it’s free and included].
In the editors window Press Ctrl-V = Paste. This key stroke will paste the text, in the clipboard; it into the editor.
Ctrl-S = Save as? This key stroke in the editor, will prompt you for a name of the text file. Take a note of it location.

Note: You could past it directly into the IVONA programme if you wished and save the file to the Podcast directory. It’s your choice.

I’ve gone down this road because of ‘Robot’ down loaders, scooping and vacuum-ing up the net.

Anyhow: Book [ I ] of the Gennaro’s Children series is available for download below and they’re already cut into Chapters.

00 – Intro – the Gathering

01 – Chapter One – Endings and Beginnings

02 – Chapter Two – Three Days Earlier

03 – Chapter Three – Questions and Answers

04 – Chapter Four – And so it begins

05 – Chapter Five – Breakout and Newgate

06 – Chapter Six – The Hanging

07 – Chapter Seven – eSpace

08 – Chapter Eight – tEvents

09 – Chapter Nine – Grand Turk

10 – Chapter Ten The Traitors Tale

11 – Chapter Eleven – Beyond Turk

12 – Chapter Twelve – The Long Walk

13 – Next time on Gennaro’s Children

Any problems. Feel free to use, ‘the Contacts’; Menu Option on my Web Page:

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This is a local popup, .. it’s been placed here to advertise the fact that you can have your own **free** local WordPress environment, and at the click of a button.

I’m putting my own reputation on the line to push this local program, and what I can say on the subject: is quite frankly it’s brilliant. The program itself will provide you with a very simple WP environment to go local: simple but powerful.

Setting it up and running it is a breeze, but like everything else software wise out there, you do need to read the docs: just a little bit to get it running.

Did I mention that it’s free!

Download and install it here.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.