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Writer’s Blok.

You just know it’s in there somewhere.

Standing fast on top of the high mountain, the old Mage lets out a deep weary sigh: out of nowhere the wind howls and whips the long black stained cloak around, and then it started to snow: not that nice fluffy stuff held dearly in the Magician’s childish past, but that harsh cutting version that the Death Valley below was famous for.

The near vertical sheets of ice daggers just made the Mage’s job all the more harder, and a disgruntled huff was heard coming from the covered mouth, but as it did: all around the Magician an oasis of calm air was formed: with the blizzard at the boundary being forced the go round the protective bubble, and that upset the spirit of the mountain, but it was also in awe at the puny creatures considerable power.

–  The mountain spirit would continue to watch and wait.

Drawing the elements in, and adopting a wide legged stance in the eye of the storm: the old warrior, now in the guise of a powerful magician raises a withered hand to the grey threatening skies above, held in it is a stolen magic wand, and the tip of the fearsome weapon now glows blue as the new owner of the old wand below began uttering an even older runic chant.

Pure blue light erupts out from the tip and flies up into the heavens, where the Black World of Mordor hangs menacingly above …

  • Words are powerful: the warrior has climbed the freezing mountain alone, and has obviously battled through the  Death Valley below to get here, is pretending to be a magician, and has stolen the weapon to defeat the overpowering force above: that in itself, threatens to destroy them all, but no-where in the above text: is the actual gender of the old Mage mentioned.
    • Oh’ – Yes!
      • The reader of the story is making assumptions, and that’s what you are going for: the punch line.

Google traps: cheap computer chip that is capable of running Windows 10. what’s the best computer for word processing. buying a 128GB flash drive. personal word processor. writing novels. writing book solutions. Google traps.

With a magic-Wand in your own hand, you can now destroy worlds, but with a Quill; you can re-make them from ‘scratch’, again: and again.

It’s said in some strange quarters that (the Wand chooses you, but in the real world: you are firmly in charge, you choose the Quill, and it’s a free choice that you have to do very carefully.

  • Because your Quill: (your Wand for the want of a better word).
    • Must fit your hand comfortably to use it fluently.

{ Off Of The Shelf. }

If you are going down the Portable route in your long slow climb up the mountain: then look really closely at the keyboard layout, and especially at the ease and use of the Cursor Keys, and also the PgDn: PgUp – Home and End keys. You’ll use them constantly when re-editing your work.

  • It’s something that a lot of people don’t consider.
    • But that’s your Wand, it’s your Quill in your hand as you cast your spells.
      • You should consider it carefully.
  • To let the magic out, the wand has to fit comfortably in your hand to use it.

Also, when you are in the computer store: ignore the witterings of the sales (person) who is selling you your dream.
Keep in mind that any cheap computer chip that is capable of running Windows 10, will happily run (any), and all (demanding) word-Processors. (Ho!-blooming-joke:-ho!-ho!)

  • On average, the chip has processed over a million instructions between keystrokes: it’s constantly waiting for you to catch up as you make your way through the dark forest.
    • Go in for storage, you’ll need lots and lots of data space in your magic field of dreams, and don’t rely on reaching for the clouds when standing on top of your mountain.

The Cloud is close to the Dark World of Mordor, and just as vulnerable to attack by a crazy old woman with a great big stick: who, it must be said: has relapses now and again, and thinks herself to be a powerful Mage in a book.

  • Not the real world you’ll note, but a book for goodness sake.
    • And her demented delusions even extend into the realms of madness: where she thinks that she was writing it, and never once considers: that the book is actually writing, – her!

Not Even Near The Shelf.

The Mounting Setup.

(In the Halls of the Mountain Queens.)

For my own personal writing requirements: I have gone down the Microsoft Surface route, but I have *not* bought a Pro. Instead, I am using a look alike 12 inch slate from Dell, and the model is called a [ XPS 12- 9250 ], a bit old now, but no fan, no moving parts: and no worries, especially when using a ** 128GB flash drive as backup.

  • ** The quickly found link above goes straight to the PC World site, and I advise you *not* to buy anything off of Amazon, nor from any Chinese sites. There are so many rip off pen drives out there at the moment that it’s not worth it.
    • So my advice is buy locally.

My own pen-wise writing solution; consisted of securely holding my 12 inch Dell slate in the top part of a small, but highly polished wooden oak chest. Inside the lid, the power supply is permanently fitted to one of the Thunderbolt 3 ports, the other has a four port USB 2.0 adapter cum’ splitter fitted. Which in itself holds all of my conventional USB peripherals. (Including a permanently attached 64GB pen drive). The outside of the petite wooden chest has black wrought iron corners, and it looks for all the world: just like a magic box right out of the Harry Potter Hogwarts School for the Maladjusted.

  • This is my very own: (home built), Laptop Portable Computer.
    • And it does much, much more than a store bought model.
      • In the lower section of the wooden hinged container is a separate full sized PC Keyboard.
        • And this is my personal Quill.


The Writer’s Block, Bloc and not forgetting Blok.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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I’m putting my own reputation on the line to push this local program, and what I can say on the subject: is quite frankly it’s brilliant. The program itself will provide you with a very simple WP environment to go local: simple but powerful.

Setting it up and running it is a breeze, but like everything else software wise out there, you do need to read the docs: just a little bit to get it running.

Did I mention that it’s free!

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Try it, you won’t be disappointed.