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How MJS is built.

All the Plug-ins that I have installed on my web page: completely covering its naked form at the same time.

  • Hosting by [ TSOCHOST ], – an English company.
    • And they are shit hot when dealing with an issue.
  • Theme wise: I’m using [ Author by Compete Themes ].
    • I have also opted for the PRO version, and it is the only plug-in that I’ve felt the need to buy: opening up the extra functions in the process.

All the rest listed below, [ are the free lite versions ], because I never saw the need to upgrade to the PRO bolt-ons, but that’s not to say that I haven’t donated to their development, cos’ in most cases, ..

  • (I Most Certainly Have!)

To begin, and to make your own (log-in) a much nicer experience; then there’s [ Erident Custom Login and Dashboard. ] It allows you to completely customize your WordPress Login Screen and Dashboard, and it ain’t half bad.

Now, onto the actual guts of my WordPress site.

  • First up is [ Age Gate ]. Which is a customisable app to [ block content ] from younger people.
    • Definitely needed with some of the iffy adult content of this web-site.
  • The front page set up is done with two plug-ins called [ Table Press ] and something originally called [ MetaSlider. ].
    • I can’t really add much to the ins and outs of them, and it really is trial and error in setting them up, ..
      • (But I’m quite impressed with the end result.).
  • Next in the list is [ Boxzilla ]. If you’ve ever looked for a popup generator for your site: then you’ll be bombarded with shite plug-ins that don’t do what they’re supposed to do, and everything is a PRO add-on. Boxzilla does it all for free, and all you need to do is work out how it works, ..
    • (Far too much hard work for some of humanities ignorant animals.).
  • [ Insert Pages ] does what it says on the tin, and allows you to insert pages, posts and custom post types into other WordPress content, but by using the Short-code API.
    • Which means that you only have one {terms and conditions} for your entire site, and then call it from within pages, .. (Brilliant!)
  • [ Terms Before Download ]. Shows a pop-up dialog with terms and conditions, (EULA); that must be accepted before a file: (my book for example) can be downloaded, ..
    • And if you’ve downloaded anything from here: then you’ve already seen it in action.
  • To promote myself, (and the stories). I’ve installed something called [ Super Socializer ]. Not simple, not intuitive, and not bloomin’ easy to set up either.
    • But it should enable (users / viewers) to add comments using their Facebook, Twitter and Google plus feeds.
      • Not sure about logging in though, but it should be enabled.
  • Finally: (promotion wise). I’ve registered for an email newsletter service with a company called [ Mailchimp. ]
    • And what a royal pain in the fuckin’ arse that has been.
      • (My main issue with it), is that it’s all sell sell sell with that lot, promoting selling campaigns, and yet other more an more devious plans to generate click through links to products being sold.
    • Because all I want to do is send out an odd email now and again.
  • Next Plug-in: to enable the Mailchimp link, I’ve installed something called [ Easy Forms for MailChimp by YIKES. ] But God’s honest truth: I’ve wasted my time in doing it, which is why it’s not even linked.
    • The plug in promotes itself as, .. “Being the ultimate MailChimp WordPress plug-in,” (it says). “Easily build unlimited forms for your MailChimp lists,” (it says), “Add them to your site and track subscriber activity,” (it bloody says.).
      • But just copying a link from Mailchimp onto a Boxzilla popup; does the exact same thing. Which means that the above plug-in is just fresh air, with bolted on PROs that do nothing you can’t already do with the WordPress Page generator and a bit of CSS.

I’m still despondently dejectedly and discordantly looking for a method of writing out my (round robin Newsletter) from my web site, to then send it out via Mailchimp, but *not* logging into their web site to do it, and thus far as of December 2018: I’ve not found one that really suits my financial needs.

  • (ie: being free.) or even doing what it bloody well says it does. 

[ Newsletter ] being a good case in point, cos’ it’s all add-ons for sales generating leads, and everyone seems to have forgotten that your visitors ain’t just sales Marks’. They could actually be interested in what you have to say, .. (And That’s Free.).

Years ago: this old crone could do that thing very easily with a WordPress plug-in called MailPoet. It really was a breeze to set up and use, but they’ve gone over to an expensive subscription model: as have most of the (free; cough cough), newsletter plug-ins that I’ve looked at. – With all of them promising what I want, (but at a price), but without a large user base to work with; then I’m wasting my money: which is why signing up with Mailchimp makes such sense: (it’s free up to 2,000 users.).

You may note: that there’s no file download manager listed above. Everyone that I looked at, or installed: only did a small bit of what I needed as a minimum.

  • Number 1: Obviously knowing how many successful downloads I’m getting.
  • Number 2: I wanted password protection on my downloads.
    • And it was very high on the list, because protecting my books would then stop the BOTS from Russia, India; or China, or from wherever sucking at all the internet links that they come across; thusly skewering my perceived book downloads when they come a’ calling here.
    • (Again) it’s an extra, or if it isn’t: then the amount of files that you can manage with the (lite version); limited to registering ten files or so in the WordPress database, and being as one book, can have at a minimum; three formats to download, . (do the math.).
  • Number 3: I needed to have a copyright link on use with my work when downloading an eBook.
    • And that is something that none of the free-bee plug-ins could even manage. One did, but fuck me! – HOW MUCH?
  • Number 4: I also wanted to use DropBox as my file repository, ..
    • (Not for considerations of space use on my Host),
      • But for ease of access when updating my books locally on my machine. Because if I use my DropBox account, then all I’m dealing with is a local directory that then sync’s itself up to the online folder.
    • Some file managers did provide access to your DropBox files, but there again it was either an extra, or a right royal pain to set up and sort out, and even then it wasn’t an instant download.
      • Meaning: that the user had to rummage around inside the public DropBox folder to find the file, not a professional solution, and no guarantee that the eBook even got downloaded.

Also: not one of the file download managers I tried: actually gave you access to the database links themselves. Preferring to keep it all hidden from the user: whilst also keeping the user hidden from what, (and how) their system counters, passwords and file repositories worked.

(In the end), I’ve rather proudly built my own: with password protected pages that act as an unlimited database of my eBook files. Does rather mean that I have to manually set it up on a per book, (and per type of book format basis), but it only needs to be done once, (and it’s worth it.).

  • One: if the password page is opened and visited: then it’s technically a download count: because the reader wouldn’t go through all that and then not download the eBook.
  • Two: I have a free counter with the times the page has been visited, and also the type of eBook format downloaded.
  • Three: being as the reader now has to click OK to my terms to download, then my copyright notification of use is now also being observed.
  • Four: as I now have total control over the download links; my files will be uplifted from my DropBox repository folder, and then straight to the down loaders machine with the mere click of a button.
      • And it’s all rather free.

Last on the list is [ Easy Updates Manager ], and it really does do what it says it does, and does it superbly at that.

  • The blurb says this:- Manage and disable WordPress updates, including core, plug-in, themes, and automatic updates – Works with Multisite and has built-in logging features.

(And it really does). I’ve never had to worry about (updating) any of my plug-ins ever since I’ve set it up, (I must confess here: that it’s also a bit complicated), but once running: then you can forget all about it. There is a Pro version, but quite frankly I simply don’t need complex logging reports via: emails: nor some of the more complex controls over the updating options.

  • And that my dearly beloved free reader, is how MJS is running.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


This is a local popup, .. it’s been placed here to advertise the fact that you can have your own **free** local WordPress environment, and at the click of a button.

I’m putting my own reputation on the line to push this local program, and what I can say on the subject: is quite frankly it’s brilliant. The program itself will provide you with a very simple WP environment to go local: simple but powerful.

Setting it up and running it is a breeze, but like everything else software wise out there, you do need to read the docs: just a little bit to get it running.

Did I mention that it’s free!

Download and install it here.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.