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Spam Again.

It is with deep regret, .. that I have to inform you that wpDisuz has died a death of manic version upgrade fever.

At 5.5 it worked a treat, and was css customable.

Version six needed a cache re-bore to flush the buffers to get it to work, (to which it did), but at version seven, the venerable plugin crashed out completely, by actually refusing to allow any comments to be added at all, and all of my CSS color coding and placements went to pot as well.

Uninstalled, and left a (nice) note with the developer saying what was wrong with it, and as I didn’t use it as intended: would be finding alterative rooms.

Now, (as stated), I wasn’t using this Plugin to engage my limited audience, but was employing it as an effective barrier against the spam-bombers, who cruise the web looking for open comments sections, and to the end; wpDisuz worked, and it worked well: even if it was a little flashy for me.

So without further ado, I’m back to cruising the web myself, and something rather snazzy called lazy loading for comments caught my eye.

Lazy Load for Comments

Lazy Load default WordPress comments. Load comments only after user clicking on a button or scrolling down. It saves page load time.

Version 1.0.10 | By Joel James

So installed it got, (very light weight indeed), and uses the option of pressing a button; to then load the comments at the end section of a Post or Page.

It’s installed, and only time will tell if the spammy bots get smart enough to press buttons themselves before they dump their foul smelling loads, but I’m kinda guessing that they won’t: as the other failed plugin proved.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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