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Chrome verses Chrome, decisions: decisions, ..

A discussion:-

  • (Now), I use [ Chrome, ] and the reason is quite simplz; – I like being able to log into my Google account on (any) machine, and  then instantly have all of my saved links and passwords wherever I am.

It’s a major bonus, and it is the *only* reason that I use the Google Chrome browser, but I’ve discovered that it’s being built on top of another Browser called Chromium, and that Web Software has a build in Add Blocker, (still supports XP), plus you can Log into your Google account with it and get to your passwords.

  • So you’d think that it’s a no-brainer.
    • Except, —  (it’s bleeding edge software), .. and it can; and will break on you.
      • Also, if you actually goto the Chromium web site, you will be bamboozled with developer jargon, and then sent back to Google to download the nice safe Chrome Browser, (just like the nice little sheeple you are).

But all is not lost, — { baa! baa! } — Because a fork, (a split), an addition to Chromium is out there, and it’s called [ Slimjet ], and to all intents and purposes: it’s a stable Chromium, and is as solid as Chrome itself.

  • Try it out, you won’t regret it.


They rely on donations to keep their development afloat, so give them a few Bucks, (Pounds), Deutsche Marks, or even Euros, but whatever you do, at least give them a thumps up for the effort they are putting into the project.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.



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Outside Intervention Registered.

Forced animal-(hybrid)-machine mode deployed, (open-me subroutine activated).
– Matrix code and biological permissions successfully merged in the prescribed scheduled time-frame, .. predictive actions running at 100%.

Attention STUPID Human!

A sign saying ‘Open Me!‘ – Isn’t a command.
Confidential Monetary Report Follows.
Conclusion Begins:
– The captured consumer has actually *bought* their own personal prison cell key,
(Then happily locked the door behind them).
– And did it when *you* signed up for *your* own beloved credit card,
(But are now paying off your blue dues in prison with a mountain of debt covering the door).

Resolution: the [ Consumption Bots ] have the human-monkey-race trapped.

– Give a google amount of monkeys some typewriters, ..
And one of the gibbering little freaks might well reproduce one of Shakespeare’s minor works in an eternity, (or two).
– Give a google amount of walking animals some credit cards, ..
And one of God’s gibbering human monkeys *might* well resist the urge to use it after a few seconds of shallow contemplation.

[ What’s written above is a pause in your life: don’t waste it, ( spend it wisely ) .. ]


Close this shit

Ain’t that so cute? – An innocent looking form on a web page; asking you to register to go on their exclusive mailing list: never seen that before? – { Huff! }

Anyhow: if you do sign up, then this is ( My Promise! )

(Just a cleverly constructed list of timely compiled acquisitions.)

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.