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All In A Days’ Work. (Many days at that).

Keeping in mind one of the greatest downfalls ever recorded.

Someone recently wrote on the web ..

Windows 10 are essentially the same as those of Windows 7.  It’s common for Windows 7 systems to run Windows 10 without a problem.

Bull flocking shit they are. The Muppet who came out with that glib statement above was sat behind a closed in, and closed off to comments HP web site; promoting of all things: new hardware and software upgrades. So my balanced take on that statement; is that the jumped up twat was talking out of his flapping arse with his proposal of the wonderful free upgrade that’s available for all.

A software upgrade that will make you money, and also make you a king amongst your peers for even owning it.

An upgrade that can bring you tailored adverts right to your own desktop.

An upgrade designed to promote the true American way of ownership.

An upgrade promoting all the ideals of the new world order and revenue streams held therein.

All with the humble aid of your (own) desktop software alone, and it will allow you to (own) the latest and greatest, before your (own) smelly stinky neighbor does: which means that you will be a wise canny King indeed my son.

But just remember this as you pat yourself on your (own) back for being so clever and canny, – that all this original upgrade nonsense initially started, with the horrifying discovery of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in modern computers, ..

  • Reminder: Meltdown and Spectre, can actually leak passwords and sensitive data, and as it’s been explained: whilst programs are typically not permitted to read data from other programs, a malicious program can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of secrets stored in the memory of other running programs.

What that means for us mere mortals, is that the chips in our PCs are FUBAR’d – resulting in Micky-soft jumping on the band-wagon.

  • By one: slowing down their software to take account of the chip-set errors,
    • And two: ((accidentally) – on bloody purpose to my way of thinking); removing the PEER to PEER capabilities of Windows 10, thusly ensuring that we’re all forced to use their crappy One-Drive solution, or buy into their outdated, (expensive) Server software.

To my cynical mind: it’s no sodden accident that the slow down and the restriction got done over the course of two buggy window 10 updates: updates btw, that you can’t ever stop from happening either.

Prior to the Spring Edition – all of my PCs worked fine, and the entire network: worked as it should, but after 1803 got introduced, it all went to pot; with one machine in particular being slowed down so much so: that you could actually see the file-manager being drawn, (painted) on the screen.

  • On the ASUS; – re-installing back to basics did sod all either.
  • Installing LINUX showed me that the PC still had some life in her.
    • But Linux is absolutely shite at doing voices.
  • So I turned back to Win 7, and what a difference that made; resulting in my three year old ASUS machine being given a new lease of life: with even her networking capabilities working once again.

So that means that I’ve actually saved spending £350.00; to simply get back to where I started.


Because slower machines means that the ignorant sheeple will go out and buy faster ones: ditching their old PC models on the way, models that were fine before all this greedy corporate crap blew up, and Micky-soft saw an opening in the market where everyone wins, and all by slowing down their own software to accommodate the Meltdown and Spectre flock up: a flying flock-up btw not widely reported on in the mainstream media either.

  • Take one look at the BBC’s Click program to see what’s happening there.
    • Child presenters and giggling naughty chaos masquerading as a leading technology program.
      • Give me a flocking break.

All of it is tied into the advertising standards, that then sees the perfect 2.4 household of mixed races all working tirelessly for their next big fix, be it 3D TVs (joke), or switching your Gas supply, (I can save £10 a year: another giggling childish joke), and then lets not forget the online buying experience; all available, at the mere click of a button, ..

  • (And if you haven’t got the funds: then funds can be provided). Just fill in the form.
    • Variable rate of 12% monthly, compounded at 144% per annum.
      • It’s never never-land, at never never rates, ..
    • But everyone’s happy.
  • And you all get your 2.4 family advertised fix.

And remember folks, Christmas is just round the corner: Just fill in this form, for the best one, .. EVER!

I’m now wondering if the Meltdown and Spectre chip issues were even real! – Naw! – The big trading companies wouldn’t do that! – Would they?

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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