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Mind bending, and Earth moving.

If you don’t do anything else with your life, .. then at least allow yourself an hour to watch the video link below on u-Tube.

(This is the reason). You may well have been exposed to the media trying to debunk the Bosnian Pyramid.

  • (That is the size of a large hill.).

And is being excavated by a charlatan who goes by the name of Osmanagić.
– And quite right to.
– Because the media outlets are being advised by the officially recognized Archaeological Societies. It’s obviously complete hokum and balderdash, so by default of that considered declaration, (it is a hoax). But as you consider that: then consider this, they can’t even agree on what that fucking picture above represents, ..  But they know without the shadow of a doubt; that the above photo is a pseudo-archaeological notion, to explain the formation of a cluster of natural hills in central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It’s (FAKE) they screech loudly, especially at the proposed age of the thing.

Their consider declaration comes from [ one ] fact, (as everyone knows), and they tell us constantly. Civilization started with the Mesopotamians about 4,000 years ago, who also go by the name of the Babylonians in the fertile Indus Valley.

  • And then this rather nifty idea went through to the Egyptians,
    • (Who built the pyramids btw.).
  • Before the Greeks and Roman Empire got involved with the social experiment in civilization, a mere 2,500 years later ..

As it is written, and as we all believe: (because it is written), so it must all be true.

  • This is what else is written.
    • Before civilization: we were just mindless hunter gatherers, eking out a living in small wandering bands, and all without the benefits of civilization that started about 4,000 years ago, .. and we did this simple thing for, — 150,000 years.
      • [ Get your head round that figure. ].
    • We: (HUMANS!) – Have been living on this planet Earth in our current physical form, for about 150 to 200,000 years, (they don’t really know), and we’re told that in all that long time: we did absolutely nothing of worth.
  • And that is what else is written.

The video link below, (is a bit ropey at times), but it’s watchable never-the-less, and is a complete record of that hoax unfolding before our very eyes. Because it is, because the media said so, as it is written on their autocues and teleprompters, so yet again: it must be true.

What they are finding on this thing, (that is a hoax). Is in actual fact a side line, .. to what (all) of the fine upstanding globally recognized Archaeological Societies actually got up to: in just trying to close the giant inconvenient hoax down, and if you read the official [ WiKi ] on it, then you’ll be convinced as well.

A giant hoax: that has been carbon dated, to at least 12,000 years ago from our current perspective in time: the carbon dating was done on the giant slabs of; (*concrete*), that make up the sides of the impossible giant hoaxy thing, and not forgetting the extensive tunnels under the site, (that are also a hoax), even though people are inside them right now; clearing the hoax tunnels out. Hoax tunnels that go right under the largest pyramid ever built.
So you have a choice here and believe Osmanagić, ..
– Or believe all those high paid experts: that are even now closing ranks, and coming out with yet more and more lame excuses as to why this thing shouldn’t be unearthed.

If ever there was a reason, (to set aside some time), to then watch something that is *not* mass produced by the state controlled BBC; or even the fine upstanding politically correct run Channel 4 TV station in the UK, .. (then this is it.).

Before you dismiss this story as being new age flaky nonsense, ask yourself one leading question, that even the high paid scholars can’t even answer: that is also right in front of their stuck up noses.

There is a temple to the God of Jupiter in Lebanon called Baalbek, but there is a quarry round the back where our primitive stone age ancestors were happily hacking a stone block out of solid rock, that’s been called the Southern Rock by our esteemed teachers: that weighs just under one thousand tons. (1,000 tons, — got that?) — And even we couldn’t move it with all of our most powerful cranes lined up side by side, ..

But, (apparently); primitive stone age man did, and; (apparently), all on their own, and, (apparently); just by using stone tools: and that’s according to the officially recognized Archaeological Societies. Who have also suggested in their own learn’ed fashion: that perhaps they used bronze chisels now and again, .. and that is what the officially recognized Archaeological Societies say on the matter, they also tell us to run along: and not to bother them with our silly questions.

  • Because as everyone knows, ..
    • Soft bronze cuts stone no worries, – NOT!
  • Our learn’ed scholars also tell us that it cuts the third hardest stone ever known to man.
    • The picture shown is of an Egyptian King called Khafre: who happily ruled during the 4th dynasty of the Old Kingdom.
      • And he alone apparently had his masons cut and polish that stone with their bronze chisels, whilst also leaving no marks in it whatsoever.
    • The stone that the statue is made of is called diorite: which is a close kissin’ cousin to granite.
      • btw, both are classed as 8 on the mohs scale, with diamond being classified as 10, and is the hardest material that we currently know about.
  • We are also told by our most revered learn’ed scholars, that these bronze chisels were even used in building the great pyramids there, ..
    • (Obviously.).
      • Now, — run along!

Large stones of this size in the Baalbek quarry, (and in fact anywhere in the world); are commonly referred to as megaliths, and apart from the Southern Rock there: there is another one next door to it that has been quaintly named as the Western Stone, and this monster has been estimated at weighing in at just under a staggering 1100 tons. No one at this stage knows why the primitive masons abandoned their labors, upped tools, and then left, but before they did: primitive man successfully put the other ones they cut out, ..

  • (ON THE ROOF) of the temple.

Most of the pillars shown in any picture you’ll see from that vast dramatic site: were what the Roman’s stuck on top of it, and they played no part in laying the floor. Because by then, the walls of the old temple were covered up with topsoil and mud over time, much more time than a mere 2,500 years; when the Roman’s were first there mooching round the site.

  • These facts above are [ all ] – (undeniable) facts.
    • The facts below are also undeniable facts: facts that tell us that humans did indeed do something else before (we) were (all) wrapped up in the (all) embracing arms of cultivated civilization.

A social ingrained condition: that happily burns women at the stake for being witches: a social civilized condition that happily represses all women, and then relegates them to being lusted over, fucking and having babies, to then have them staying in the family home out of site rearing the kids, as the man of the house goes out and earns a living.

  • But he’ll never be stoned or shunned for committing the morally abhorrent sin of adultery.
    • He’d be patted on the back for being led astray by the harlot.
  • We also care in a caring society: that thinks it fine for a young boy to sow his seeds when coming of age, but cuts parts of the clitoris off of a young girl to stop her from even considering it.

This is what the wonderful concept of civilization has brought us, civilization run by men: men who also run the officially recognized Archaeological Societies.

  • Pampered Men, – who all happily watch on, and then nod in enthusiastic approval at what this wondrous social set of conditions have brought them.
  • Powerful Men, – who are worried that the new truth being uncovered may not be in their best interest.
  • Frightened Men, – who now dismiss it out of hand: because it can’t be any better for them, (than it is now.).

And I won’t apologize for writing any of this, ..

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

Now, watch this video, and change your world view.

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