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Spammed out of my mind.

I’ve finally killed off the spammers, or at least the spam Bots that fly over my site dumping their filthy crap through their shitty slitty arsed bomb bays.

This was achieved by installing a plugin called:-


Settings | Phrases | Deactivate

Better comment system. WordPress post comments and discussion plugin. Allows your visitors discuss, vote for comments and share.

It is in fact a highly accomplished complex indexed commenting system in it’s own right, but all I needed was the ability to add a small radio checkbox to the bottom of my comment form.

  • A checkbox that needs clicking, accepting my terms and conditions before the guest comment can be submitted. 

Automatic Bots can’t see it: they dump the crap, and then move on thinking yet another payload has been dropped, (when in actual fact), their filth has been flushed down the internet void drain where they belong, — Whoopee!

All I have to tackle now is the brute-force-log-in attempts. Not that easy, because all the plugins available that move the log-in page itself, .. (also lock out guests if one way or another.)

  • Not good, because it’s you good folks out there that I certainly don’t want to alienate, ..
    • It’s you, (the strangers), hiding covertly in the mist; its you the mysterious ones, that I now need to serenade with my alluring siren-song.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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This is a local popup, .. it’s been placed here to advertise the fact that you can have your own **free** local WordPress environment, and at the click of a button.

I’m putting my own reputation on the line to push this local program, and what I can say on the subject: is quite frankly it’s brilliant. The program itself will provide you with a very simple WP environment to go local: simple but powerful.

Setting it up and running it is a breeze, but like everything else software wise out there, you do need to read the docs: just a little bit to get it running.

Did I mention that it’s free!

Download and install it here.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.