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Root out BaseZap

I’ve got to say here, that this new hosting provider dat’ I be’ done and found me’self out-dare in dee’ wilds, ain’t arf’ be’ not bad to deal wid, .. (follow that?)

Now, all I wanted to do is just test my new grid based Theme (on-line), and as such; all I really needed was a cheap hosting platform to run it at Internet speeds, as opposed to Local development speeds.

I didn’t approach TSCHOST over this trifling issue of speed, (who are my current hosing provider), mainly because they are suffering with their own speed and uptime issues, and that’s according to several (dozen) disgruntled users on Facebook.

This (relatively happy), user: also didn’t get in touch with them, because my current hosting provider are very bloomin awkward to deal with: with the current Lockdown climate, that we’re all trapped in; having very little to do with it. TCHOSTS are not a contactable company, and haven’t been ever since dropping their phone support, all done for cost savings, again from what I’ve read on Facebook.

Yes: TSCHOSTS are very easy to initially contact and set up an account with, and yes: their common backend dashboard is very easy to run, where you can then raise support tickets and pay invoices, but from there on in: they are not so easy to deal with in resects of an upgrade, at least not without talking about eyewatering amounts as an upgrade package from what I’m currently on.

** For example, I’m on a basic hosting deal with them, costing me £3.00 a month (on special), to upgrade to the next level, (according to my backend management menu system), would set me back a whopping £30:00 per month, payable yearly, Ouch!

All I really wanted was another (secondary) website to test out my new theme.

The intense PHP WordPress coding, installing and testing of Plugins that I undertake, isn’t part of a timely business plan for me: it’s just a pass-time to pass the time. — Passing the time quite recently: I also passed my free time intently researching ClassicPress, (no link), especially after watching the achromous split with the almighty WordPress Time Lords themselves, that in itself; is all due to the god-damn-awful Gutenberg editor being rammed down our necks, and that’s despite overwhelming feedback from their loyal userbase, showing that no one wants the wretched thing, but we’re all being force fed it anyway by our be’loved WordPress Overlords, living as they are in the clouds: or cuckoo land as some put it.

So it’s in this atmosphere of mutual cooperation and harmonized respect, that I initially started researching ClassicPress, being as they heavily promoted using the TinyMCE editor, as used in WordPress since day dot.

In truth, my path of true enlightenment had began, that then led this naïve pilgrim into looking for a very cheap ClassicPress host: just to check out the difference between the two, and to also test out my new Theme on it: just to see whether or not it worked on the (new-old) platform.

During my Zen like Internet wanderings, this old silver surfer then stumbled over a company called BaseZap, and all by a clicking accident: as one has now and again when rapidly clicking away to oneself on-line, but it t-wern’t that much of a mess to clean up.

** The wayward wet sloppy clicks all mainly came about: because BaseZap advertised themselves being able to host ClassicPress itself, and their hosting price of a £1.00 a month couldn’t be sniffed at either, (and apparently), that price will be set for my next six monthly bill as well: we’ll see!

Cost wise consideration, .. BaseZap provide the Directadmin interface as standard, you want cPanel: then you can pay the extra for it. That said: it is available with some of the more expensive hosting plans that they offer.

Consideration: there is a major difference between them, and cPanel is slightly more easier to navigate, but gods honest truth here: if you know what you’re doing, then in my humble opinion, the cheaper option in using Directadmin is just fine.

Setting up review, .. ClassicPress was very easy to install with Softaculous, as provided by BaseZap.

Bottom line on my experience with ClassicPress itself: is that it is a dead abandoned project. The CMS is a fork from version 4.9, which was the last build before Guttenberg was build right into the core itself, but where ClassicPress is concerned though, no one has updated the core code for months. Also, a lot of the standard plugins simply don’t work with it, (including the all important Backup programs), and to add insult to injury: ClassicPress doesn’t even support its own migration plugin anymore.

Conclusion, .. don’t waste your time with ClassicPress, install the Classic Editor with the latest WP build, and then just ignore that stupid Gutenberg tripe.

** Which is what I’ve done on the my new sub-sonic website, after I very easily deleted the ClassicPress CMS  all done with the supplied Softaculous App install program, and then just as easily installed a new copy of WordPress itself.

Back to the Indian futures, .. I am quite pleased with what I’ve discovered where this sub tropical BaseZap lot are concerned. The company might well be located in the sub-continent, but the World Wide Web is just that, a local provider.

The ( .in ) domain was purchased on the spur of the moment, done so to avoid dragging over one of my others; who are all still residing a TSHOSTS, but not for long: especially if this lot keep their word on the price (per) month rate they charge.

On top of all that, they really do also provide a wonderful knowledgeable service, true it’s ticket based, (most of them are), but their response is second to non: still shuddering over Your-Name-Here in Blackpool, and the appalling service that they provided me as standard, but not so with this lot from India, they are magnificent.

Happy days, ..

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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