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History unsure, future certain.

{ Never ending, but looking better. }


I’m here, because my last paid Host left me to flounder, and that’s after *they* crashed my WordPress site: so I won’t even mention them.

  • And then they said *nothing* in the way of assistance.
    • And then helped, – *not* at all.
  • It’s explained in my last Blog, it’s not good, and highly complex, but this old bird held her nerve to the bitter end.

From that, then this cranky (young) woman knew that she had to move house. Tried the free version of first, but I’m not even going to give them a link here: because that’s how bad they are with their pricing structure, it’s insidious: as is their free web site, that also traps you inside their cleverly constructed honey pot.

  • After discovering that pit fall with WordPress: I then began a project of extensive research on the numerous web hosting companies.
  • With the startling discovery that some of the big ones like Go-daddy look good price wise: for about one month, then see the price skyrocket.
    • But they are not alone in this, and there are others engaged in this shady practice.

Here’s a direct quote from

Unfortunately, Site5 sticks to the typical misleading pricing schemes that other hosts pull with their low advertised price.
  • Hostingfacts is a good site to read [ the reviews on ], and its not pretty reading either.
    • I’ve left the review on the TSOHOST page, but you can click their main page to look at the rest.

From all that extensive reading: I’ve finally ended up with [ TSOCHOST ], – an English company, and one of the reasons was their help center: obviously they’re not going to know all about WordPress, but some of them are very good at what they do.

Even if you’ve only got an inkling of what you’re doing with WordPress and your web site, then this is a good hosting provider to use, and you should see their wonderfully constructed [ pricing structure ].

  • I’m a cheap skate, and am on the (£1.61 / month version), but please note: to get that price, then you have to pay upfront for two years in advance.
  • That said: it’s still a lot cheaper than the other rip off merchants I’ve had the misfortune to have visited.
    • And then looked really closely at their terms and conditions.
      • Something that I recommend you should do if you’re looking to move home, or even buy new.

On to other things: my web site itself.

  • Tried the new WordPress theme 2017.
    • – (Yuk!), what is it with having one huge graphic on the main screen, that then force you to scroll down to get to the spread out content. (Yuk!) – Again: and all the big boys  are using them, (why?)
  • Looked at the 2014 theme, and it’s very good, but having that banner of your posts across the top of the site is distracting.
    • And: as I found out, all the posts from the past appear there, unless you remove that #feature tag  on all your old posts, and that’s a pain: in that you have to keep re-editing them to ensure that they don’t take over the HOME Screen.
      • Meaning that 2014 required far to much maintenance, but that vertical menu bar on the left did look good though.

I then began trawling through the thousands of themes out there on the Internet.

  • Found one such review site [ here ], and it, like the rest: are snobbish to the extreme.
  • One actually promoting a minimalist, (wipe ones hand down over ones head with nose in the air style, whilst mumbling in a slightly bored high born tone saying: yes, of course darling!
    • One telling you how many books you can see whilst obscuring the writer.
    • Whilst others over promoting the art of the precocious self.
      • (See the above head wiper, and then see him/her looking down their nose at you in contempt.)

But none of them talked about your readers, those people that follow your story.

  • It was all about SELLING, — Selling: — selling!
    • Well I have to tell, you: (it’s not).
      • It’s all about your followers.

In depression: I eventually stumbled upon [ AUTHOR ], and that free theme ticked all the boxes.

  • It was fast.
    • It promoted the writer.
      • But more importantly: the theme allowed your readers to easily get to your stories.
  • The entire thing is designed for users to easy get access to your material.

Using the basic Author version is a dream, but being as I like to push the boundaries: I paid the £37.00p fee to upgrade to the PRO version.

  • Wow! – What you can get it to do is so amazing.
  • Still playing with CSS, and the Author, (of the Author theme); is very responsive to requests and stupid newbie questions.
    • And yes: done that to see how [ Ben Sibley ] reacts.
      • All good thus far.

Overall, — I’m quite impressed with [ TSOCHOST ] and this [ WordPress theme ], but at the end of the day: it’s what you think that counts.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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