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Hello World We Need You.

This is my first Post using word Press.

I’m using this platform to initially publish my Book. I’ve got fed up with looking on the Web on how to Publish. It seems that no one wants to know, but everyone wants to charge you £125.00o £200.00 for the privilege of basically putting your Book on their web site. Amazon have closed their system and want you to pay them? …Away with them I say!!..

Well I’ve got my friends site, so I’ll start here initially.

There are a lot of web sites that prompt free eBooks and I’ll upload it later, but for the time being I’ll place it here, and assess what happens next.

If you found my free download eBook, well done! – I haven’t advertised it.


In a Galaxy far, far, away ‘time’ itself is being shredded …And the Universe on the whole isn’t happy about it. Minds immeasurable superior to ours slowly and patiently ‘drew’ up their plans against us, and the impending catastrophe.

The ‘council’ discovered that abomination’s were placed in corrupted time lines by People unknown, the Cause unknown and the Reason’s were unknown. Even God doesn’t know why? it was done!..

Recruiting the recently deceased, who insisted they weren’t dead. The planners of our salvation then put a young girl in charge of the Project.

The girl’s name was Romana Gennaro, she was only 128 years old and this was her first mission, but she was the most qualified person they could find. What could possibly go wrong?…

Download and Read …Please Enjoy!

Note: Clicking on a link below will either open a new ‘tab’, or a new ‘window’ depending how you have your browser set up.

Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Preface – read-‘me’ first.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter One.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Two.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Three.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Four.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Five.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Six.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Seven.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Eight.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Nine.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Ten.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Eleven.
Withdrawn Gennaro’s Children. Book 1. Chapter Twelve.”

Gennaro’s Children – Book 1 Full version PDF .. 2.42 Meg.

If you have a need for individual chapters then email me … jessica @

Just remove the ” ! ” spaces — I would love to hear from you. It’s so lonely here in the dark.

Thanks … Jessy.

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  1. Pauline de Pellette Pauline de Pellette

    Really enjoying your books and looking forward to reading more. When are 3 & 4 likely to be available and if they are already where can I find them?

    • Hello Pauline.

      Glad you’ve enjoyed them. Books 3 and 4 as still on the cutting room floor.

      Book 3 is formed, but as mess

      Book 4 is just a mess.

      Book 5 is still notes?

      Catch you soon … Now I’ve got to get back to these wretched spammers. They’ve broken in again! Arggg!

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