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Bugger bugger bugger


Got that? – see how thoroughly *not* in charge – I really am?

** Update: 07/09/20202 lockdown fever is at fever pitch, and we’ve been released as of the 5th July 2020, but it don’t bloomin well feel like we have been freed form anything at all. Anyhow, V3 reCAPTCHA is the biggest pile of poo that I’ve seen in a long while, it doesn’t do anything, (at all), and I’d say that the Bots are actually proliferating under its remit. OK now, so back to the blog from long times gone past.

In looking for a free method of setting up and then sending out the subscriber emails for my (Dark Times Newsletter), and in my aimless wanderings throughout the long dark corridors of the sliver threaded web, I accidently stumbled over something called Contact Form 7: that’s very good for capturing user input on a form, to then be sent to the admin: in other words it’s nothing fancy.

The free Plugin is both concise and succinct, but does the developer ever get some stick over it.

I’ve actually read the docs, and I can only assume that most of the moaning old schmucks out there haven’t; because right there on the install page the setup instructions warms you about using the old version of reCAPTCHA by Google, and they were right! – You can’t send a test message with it on any website, and that’s the biggest bitch that most of the wimps out there are whinging about.

RTFM people.

Something else, .. you also need HTTP and not HTTP(s) in the setup strings to get the form generator to work; as the bloody monolith called Google has insisted, and is now what everyone is begrudgingly using. I can only assume that Contact Form 7 will one day catch up as well.

HTTP Bullshit aside.

Getting the V3 reCAPTCHA set up on my site was relatively painless, and now I have a curly side-slide-in-Icon that says I’m protected – Whoopee! – But it’s one whop too early.

Firstly, .. it has slowed my site down, but not by that much.

Secondly, .. I then foolishly decided to rely on it as method to protect my site, and then stupidly reset the click box, (Anyone can register.)

Fuck me, but within five minutes of doing that I only had three sodden Bots register, but they weren’t freaking automated coded scripts; they were real people, and one of the little rat-bags had even managed to change (his-her) password before I managed to deleted the lot.

The Contact Form 7 looks quite good, and I’ll plod on with that till I’ve mastered it.

  • But am I in charge on the rest? – No I’m freaking well not.

Thanks for staying with me, Jessica.


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