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December in Paradise

Well this is fun, .. Not!

Lockdowns finished in the UK, praise be lockdown version two, with all the shops now open, but now also socially restricted in the form of three wonderful tiers, all cried tearfully by those poor souls effected by the afflicted.

For the last month (November), we’ve been firmly ensconced indoors, no pub: no café, no frivolous shopping, and a course: the limited exercise that you were allowed to undertake, and that’s regardless of what the authorities had to say on the matter.

Unnecessary travelling was viewed as socially unacceptable, and cordially frowned upon; with every Tom Dick and Aunt Henry, ready willing and able to report you, if not to the police, then to your neighbors: whereby they would all cluck in distain when seeing you return home.

Our righteous neighbors, are now our own worse enemies, and we’ve all allowed it to happen.

As a collective group of mammals, we have now collectively passed the point of no return in what a caring society supposedly represents, but I’m now asking myself if it ever did truly represent anything meaningful.

1984 got it so wrong, and so right at the same time, it’s not techno or double-speak that we have to be collectively wary of, but of normal language being twisted out of all reason.

Normal language that’s given us new words like (fake-news), that was a good one invented by Trump, then there’s (lockdown), which was a waste of time, and of course not forgetting good old (social-distancing) and (mask-wearing), but now society in general has a brand new word, and it is:- (anti-vaxxers), and woe-betide even thinking of questioning the authorities over the Covid-19 vaccines efficacy: shot down in flames, .. won’t even come close to the public social humiliation and technical whipping that you’ll receive at the hands of the politically correct MOB, all metaphorically still carrying the ubiquitous flickering wooden touches and pitchforks in cyber-space.

Never-the-less of the surroundings, it’s an afflicted mob all gone mad, all baying for blood, all frustrated at the enforced mask-wearing and social distancing being foisted upon them during the wasteful lockdown period, (that didn’t even eliminate the virus), and that some now even think was fake-news right from the outset, but that (some) in the crowd, being illuminated by fire-brands and metaphorical touches, also know when to keep their collective mouths firmly shut: except for the expected baying of course, ..
Because baying for blood keeps them on the side of righteousness, where they all march to the same beat of the government’s drum, a drum beat where no one challenges you, nor even your motives, (after all), it is for the great good!
– And as everyone knows: all anti-vaxxers need burning alive for their own good.

Welcome to the 2020s, where we all have 20-20 vision, extra-especially-so where this deadly virus called covid-19 is concerned. A viral infection so dangerous, that it kills 000.73% of those infected: whilst leaving the rest with a mild headache and a bit of a cough, (if your very unlucky.)

Now, if someone could come up with 20-21 vision to see past 2020; then we would all be out of the shitty media mire, that we have buried ourselves in by following Trump’s fake-news shit show.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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