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Death in Paradise

Happy times in Hosting, but not so happy times were this third UK lockdown is concerned though, they say that the COVID infection rates are going through the roof, they say that thousands of people are dying, they say that the NHS hospitals are at breaking point, that said: they say that every year.

What they don’t say every year, is the word COVID with every breath: it’s becoming just like AMEN, and just as bloody ridiculous with how all the bloody amon-ra experts are using it.

We aren’t ruled by our elected representatives anymore, we are ruled by the expert who can raise as much dust and shit with the media, who then demand that that course of action must be adhered too at all costs. Schools open! – No close them immediately. No Lockdowns needed, we’ve detected a new variant commander, Lockdown immediately, even though Sheffield’s been in a technical lockdown since September, and the infection rates are still high.

Lockdowns don’t work, but they do if you don’t work: unfortunately, everyone has to work, companies aren’t closing on a governmental whim of work from home (if you can!) Gasp! – Resulting in no official furloughs being introduced this time round, and the rates are going up: wonder why?

Shut the pubs (that’ll do it), it hasn’t.

Shut the schools, with up to 80% pupil occupancy in some areas?

That figure alone shows you how many people are still being forced to go to work, but the school to work ratio is being ignored, with the logical argument that this infection rate increase; must be due to people visiting each others homes, believe me: they ain’t!

** This opinion was mooted in August 2020: What have we become? You can hardly walk down the street now without people diving out the way!

My moot? – No one will go near anyone, (at all), mask on or not: which was something we didn’t even have in August 2020.

No Professor Whitty, we aren’t visiting each others houses, believe you me; our actions aren’t spreading this insidious virus, but I’m working on something that is:-

This balls up, re: (unworkable lockdown), has been introduced by an inept leader, with the inept opposition too frightened to raise their heads above the parapet, and then actually question these so called freaking experts. Who, you’ll note; are all working away with full pay, but everyone of them are screaming {Off With Their Heads!} Just like the little red tin-pot queens that they really are.

Especially bloody stupid Neil Ferguson, the figurative cranky who came up with all of it, and who is (was), still advising the government behind the scenes.

Quote: In 2009 he projected 63,000 UK deaths from Swine Flu, yet the number ended up standing at 457. For the mad cow’s disease (BSE), he cautioned that 136,000 could die, but only 177 did. If this wasn’t enough, he got the whole world in a flap over the bird flu outbreak in 2005 when he predicted that 200 million would die. The death toll was 243.

** These figures have been (fake-fact) checked, and found to be False? – Ready for a spin on the wheel of spinning news? False — because he was 1.) working as a team member, and 2.) It was only a set of worse case scenarios that were taken out of context.

Source link, and also BBC archives.

Note: I’m not even going to give the supposed impartial fake fact checking website a link, that would technically boost their fake advertising revenue, because their supposed factual report, has technically covered Ferguson’s arse in technical glory, by neatly wiping away the data; before (jokingly) manipulating it to be flushed down the #tobeforgottendrain.

Ferguson’s rabid pandering is what (is – and is) driving the elected officials into a spasm: those below him in the academic pecking order won’t publicly question his findings, those who are on par: won’t either, because their potential revenue streams are what’s at stake, grants that are all but guaranteed with the media hysteria that he’s creating. The same media hysteria and feeding frenzy that also sees the NHS hospitals properly funded for the first time in years, with the elected Ministers taking all the credit for doing (the right thing), as they happily tighten the screws: happily locking down yet larger and larger parts of the county, and the sheep bleat for more!

Ministerial, Health-Wise and at an Academic level, its a win win all round to lockdown the country, fucks the economy somewhat, but (socially), the rampant head strong herd does need culling, and after this thrilling episode of Coronation Street finally concludes, they won’t be so demanding.

COVID-19 (in what ever form), is here to stay: may the light be always in your eyes.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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