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Arab Spring

Well the title seems appropriate.
…Considering Mohammed and Abdul are now born again Christians [evil grin] – Book III Echo’s is driving me crazy. The sub plots alone and Gods involvement with the mission are intriguing to say the least. These notes I’ve got together reveal an interesting development.

Your learning, as am I about what’s transpiring in that other time line.

Anyhow on with the post. I have followers! – I’m really pleased even though my grammar and style leave a lot to be desired. It’s the story that’s important and as it has been noted, you can read it. Just persevere.

If anyone out there wants the job of correcting it (professionally) Please contact me. I’m not to proud to know my limitations.

The History thus far.

I’ve updated Books I and II on feedbooks. Clicking the link will open a new window.

The link for Book I is Gennaro’s Children ‘the Gathering’.

Whist link for Book II is Gennaro’s Children ‘Generations’.

Note: I’ve include the links because the site offers more file formats for reading devices. ‘EPUB’ and ‘Kindle’ and they are a free download. I think the only consideration is you have to join, but that’s also free.

Got books ( I and II ) on Amazon.

I don’t expect much from that place … I’ve found it almost impossible to make the books free! …But the people and the readers there just seem to want space-ships, male-heroes in tight Lycra or Spandex standing proud. Whilst wearing their knickers on the outside and holding, between their legs, their mighty laser gun! …The other style I’ve seen are Latino lovers dominating their woman ‘totally’ …Also found there in abundance are sex mad deviants books whilst others describe themselves as ‘flesh eaters!’ The type of book(s) I’ve browsed and viewed leaves me cold.

… I’ve already been the subject of a cruel ‘Troll’ attack from an idiot who’s only pleasure in life is to criticize for the enjoyment. This sort then sits back and watches the war erupt around him. I’ve seen his type before and wont engage in a war or words with the ‘moron’.

…’Amazon’ we await to be impressed. The links below cost money 0.90p if fact, but if you want the ease of the download straight to you ‘kindle’ here they are. Amazon – the Gathering for Book I. For Book Two the link is Amazon – Generations

I’ve got ‘Book I’ on Smashwords. Clicking the link will open a new window.

The link for my book is Smashwords – the Gathering and I’ve include the link as there are several type of downloads that may be of benefit for your reading device. Including ‘plain text’ and ‘html’. They are free, this fact is, I feel important. I want readers.

BTW. The book up-loader programme at Smashwords is called ‘the Meat-grinder’ and it will reject any formatting fault it detects. That includes headers, inconsistencies in tabs and paragraphs and what it perceives to be over sized fonts being used. On Easter Saturday it reported that over 4,000 books were in the queue before my humble contribution was to be considered. Anyhow after ‘two and a half days’ my book went through without a blip’ .. Cool … It really does pay to RTFM (grin)

Goggle isn’t easy to manipulate and whilst I’ve got both Books on their web site I can’t delete the old one? Anyhow as the link ‘there’ simply points back to my site I’ll not include it here, but to gain ‘google’ brownie points just mention the fact.

Book III (3) will be out soon — Happy reading Jessica.

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