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To prose, or not to be – that is the question.


Are a fluttering twittering mess of words, all randomly thrown together; to then apparently make sense to the refined minds only.

As all the rest of the mindless animals cluck loudly amongst themselves and walk on by.

  • If you stay here, are you open minded?
    • Or simply responsive to constructed words.
      • Is that a slight?
      • Or an insult?
        • Or perhaps it’s just a mere compliment, cleverly constructed by an animal trainer.
    • Or maybe the words are just a straightforward racist slur.

Or just perhaps, the construct  is political correctness used to score racist points.

    • —————————————————–
    • It’s never about red-neck-white-trash crackers verses the niggers.
    • It’s all about dem’ white-niggers reading dis’ here black-trash.
    • ——————————————————–

And it’s all how you just read, (the first line above.)


Are we all just playing the white man,
– Whilst looking for the nigger in the wood pile  to make sense of it all?

Meaning, .. are we honest upstanding folk, just looking to root out the cause of all evil, and then protect our loved ones from it.

If the above statement is true, ..

Then the (ARGUMENT ABOVE) describes you to a tee: complete with your own white political correctness still intact.

Or is it all just a racist slur on your honest character, because you consider yourself to be upstanding, and not the sort to hide in amongst the invisible logs of ignorance.

(No one ever said that philosophy was easy.)

  • But who damn well cares anyway?
    • Well! – You obviously do.
      • Because, ..

My dear (white-person), – You’re – (Still) – Here.

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Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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