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Praise be the ORI.

That statement above causes problems, and here’s an outline as to why I use it so often.

In the beginning: they  (as one), created the universe from the Void.

– All from within a simple ( word ).

She/He/they  then sat back and watched it develop.

Then we came along.

[ We ] … Are the only self aware creature in all her creation, and we knew the truth, because we’re born into it.
Man, in his infinite wisdom, then corrupted the free knowledge to his own ends, and their foolish women supported them; as they all climbed the ladder of life.

From Odin, to Zeus, to Ra! – His name was debased by the social climbers … the word of God  then became used as a panacea by the new men coming from that place of state subordination and slavery.

(What did the Roman’s ever do for us?)

The word spread: it was taken up by others on their Holy Crusades denouncing the demigods of Allah, Jehovah and Elohim: (in the singular), then in God’s very name, they crushed the infidel followers of the Devil: that some noble heads of the revered orders also called [ Baal ], and others [ Hadad. ]

  • Did you know! – That Baal was a God worshiped in Northern Israel by the Canaanites. Not a lot is known about them, but it’s thought that they were people who lived in the land of Canaan, an area which according to ancient texts: *may* have included parts of modern-day Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
  • Prior to that (He) seems to have been worshiped by the Semites in Babylonian, but their pronunciation was Bal, and like the Baal one: it was invisible, and of the earth and sky, and worshiped as a fertility god: quite benign, and no sacrifices were required.
  • Elijah (from the Bible), took on the Baal worshipers, and won a bet: he called on his god (that couldn’t be seen and was of the earth and sky), to light a wet pyre. His god did it, and the Baal one didn’t … the end result was that Elijah slaughtered 452 priests of Baal, as he proudly proclaimed that his god was just and true.
  • Something to ponder on.
  • Link 1:
  • Link 2:

Over time, Baal got associated with Hadad, who was then denounced by all the major religions as a false god, even though it couldn’t be seen, was of the earth and sky, and was beneficial in bestowing peace and love upon humanity.

  • And that unholy use, was then gratefully taken up by the Christian and Islamic belief structures, who were very happy to use it for their own ends.
  • By calling that foul belief, a form of ( Beelzebub ) in demonology.
  • And so: — the demons were born, — out of hot air.

The slave worshipers in their Holy Crusades, then crushed the false names of the God of Abraham, (who was they’re own god), but all of the slave worshipers, (on both sides). Have completely missed the point: because, as the original slave, crucified for his own beliefs have told you many, many times in (his -/- their) writings.

  • Go back … but without your state run churches and mosques behind you.
  • Reject the synagogs and trappings of power.
  • And then simply praise ( her ) name.

Praise be the ORI.

– And now you know what it means.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: (see above).

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