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Enter the void.

The universe is small, very, very small.
– In fact: it’s so small, that the vast void of space hardly knows it’s there, but unfortunately it feels it as a minor vacuous itch.

** There is no greater force in nature than that of the vacuum, and it’s said by some in the know: that nature adores a vacuum, but they haven’t chatted to nothing on the subject.

The great nothing itself was the driving force behind the great Victorian steam age: with the (Atmosphere Engines) of the iron horses moving them ever onwards out into the wilds.

The principle of using nothing is very simple, heat up and expand a space, then rapidly cool it: results is a partial vacuum that tries to contract, and in so doing -> draws the surround area into itself, thusly creating a vacuum. 

Now, .. if this contracting area is directed in a line, as in a piston; then power is created and the rod is drawn back inside the vacuum piston.

Matt 16:19
And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and etc … etc … etc:


“What ever you hold true on earth. I will then hold true in heaven.”


In the beginning was perfect (the Void) ™, and it was complete.
It was empty without form and with nothing, and content to be that way.

The place was pure and had no pollution, it was also a place were no pollution ripped through it constantly.

  • It was a place of absolute perfection.
  • It was also the perfect stretched vacuum, that also burped constantly because of it vast unending flaccid size.

These proton energy burbs manifested themselves as void quakes, that rippled out from a void point, and that then dissipated itself out into that vast empty nothingness, just like a vast bloom.

  • That resembled a vast bubble, and at its final stretched energy point: (it popped.)


One void quake ripped out, as had the many googillions that had gone before it.

  • But this one was followed by a second one, mere millimeters from the void first.
  • Which in turn caused a third one erupted slightly past the first two void points.

The three highly charged giant proton balls are now traveling out at an alarming rate, out: out and out into the vast timeless void.

  • After an aeon: the blooms burst, right inside each others elliptical skins, and by now they are trillions of light years across.
  • Then the fire of hell erupted across the heavens.
    • – And because they all started off slightly away from each others void point.
      • – The fires were moving, and then they began swirling as a heavier element is formed, and it’s hydrogen.

Some atoms move in, and some move out, but they are all moving across the surface of the vast skin of the ball.

  • The disgusting pollutions dance, now occupies one small insignificant microscopic point in that vast unimaginable void.

In a hole of ones own making.

Now, also in the void: are pockets more emptier than others, and it’s from here: where minds more emptier than ours, discovered the concept of time.

They finally understood this: with the appearance of the filthy pollution, and in that understanding, they realised it was only a matter of time: before the corruption and the reducing microscopic particles reached everywhere.

  • They couldn’t tolerate that thought.
  • The pollution had to go.

It was from this empty place, that the empty minds drew up their great plans.

  • Their purpose, was to clean up, and then get rid of the catastrophe: that the appearance of the filthy matter has created in their perfect place.

Their plan would eliminate the corrupted area where the matter occupied, and it must be mentioned : without any harm or danger to themselves.


Using the abomination of the corruption against itself, the empty minds split the surface of the matter by introducing void pools.

  • Then in the splits, vast fissures opened up inside the skin of the pollution.

Once that happened: the void drew the matter into itself even faster, but, the void Minds knew that would happen.

Rushing out from the source, the greater mass of the others left behind felt the pull: and then violently drew the wanderers back, but they came back faster and faster towards the void Point: slamming and crashing into themselves as they went.

  • As the pollution was pulled further back into the void point: it changed form the faster it went.
  • In its ever increasing speed round and down from the skin:
  • ( the filthy pollution began to howl in pain ).
  • And in the Void: – the Word — was heard as the changed Matter burned bright in the swirling heavens.

The empty minds had ignited the pollution with a word, and they knew that the word would burn it all, it would burn it away: till there was nothing left.

They knew it would do it as it burned in their small gravitational plains and even smaller bright spheres.

  • And that those spheres would eventually collapse in on themselves.
  • And in the full course of time, the black spheres would slowly group themselves together.
  • And in an Aeon or two, maybe three.
  • They would all fall into themselves, and then form a super massive black sphere.
    •  That would finally contain the pollution for good.

Where the pollution was originally created, and in this small spot in the void: nothing would escape from that place.

  • It was the perfect trap.
  • The trap was a small price to pay for perfection.
  • And that tiny speck: where the black ball was occupying, would not be wasted either.
    • Because that small piece of turning grit would stop it from happening again.
    • And from here on after. – ( Anchor any further void quakes. )

The Tell.

When the void Masters split the surface of the filthy Matter, they inadvertently told it what they had done.

Look to your atoms and molecules: look to what makes you, you! – And in this place, you will see the truth. [ And That Is. ] The space between our atoms is decreasing, the further we travel into it.

  • That space called the void. – Is being violated: by you.
You - Are - Raping : Nothing.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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