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Can I hear an .. (AAAAA, Meeeeeennnnn! ) – And all the sheep bleat back, .. AMEN!

Official blurb:- (and this is probably the shit that you were taught as a kid, ..)
The word Amen is a declaration of *affirmation* found in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. It is also used extensively in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith structures: declared as a *concluding* word or response to prayers.
Common English translations of the word [ Amen ] include “verily” and “truly”. It can also be used colloquially to express strong agreement, as in, for instance, [ Amen ] to that, .. brother!

Here’s what you *weren’t* taught, ..
From old Egyptian texts; we now know that people regarded the *Sun* as the emblem of the Creator, whereby the savages called the Sun, .. (Ra), and all other gods and goddesses were constructs of the Creator God. That statement must be true, because Zeus made all of his children.
One of these Egyptian gods was called (Amon), who was apparently described a secret hidden mysterious god, and who also went by many names such as Amun, Ammon and Amounra and Amen.

Apparently, .. for the first eleven Egyptian dynasties (c. 3000-1987 B.C.) “Amen” was also considered to be a rather minor god, but by the 17th dynasty (c. 1500 B.C.) He had been elevated to be the national god of southern Egypt.

Note:- God’s don’t naturally elevate themselves, they are actively elevated by the priesthood, or as some would call them, .. their Church Ministers.

God’s name was then enforced upon high by his many crony priests, bishops and technical popes; who finally won the internal struggle by having their own version of god crowned the King of Kings, and verily so did it come to pass; that they did finally began to rake in the profits and monetary rewards thereafter, all given *freely* by the ignorant peasant followers who worshipped at the temple, given *freely* in return for their own personal priestly blessings, ..

It can’t hurt Mabel, and you never know wife, .. we might even get a bumper harvest this year.

All of the above happened, in, .. or around about the 18th Dynasty (1539-1295 B.C.) in ancient Egypt.

** Please keep in mind as you read this, .. that no one is really sure of any of these dates or eminent facts confidently presented here: it’s all just rough guesses by overpaid archaeologists, who actually believe in their own immortality, and also by high flying bishops from the church; desperately trying to shoe-horn the Jewish history into their own profitable narrative.

This lofty position of power in Egypt, then gave the deity Amen the sole attributes and characteristics of being the *one* true god amongst many, with his most holy revered name becoming combined, .. as in: [ Amen-Ra. ]

It literally means the supreme form of God, the Creator.

You also don’t need to initiate a college study, nor even have a degree to conclude what his corrupt priests actually did to elevate his holy *mysterious* name, nor even why it all happened, (all) you need to know is that it did, (and it really did, because it’s all proven by the many Egyptian writings on the extensive godly subject), resulting in that god alone being worshipped above all others in that ancient land.

** But strangely, their many writings didn’t include anything to do with the rebel Moses, all that comes from the Bible, which itself is roughly translated from the Jewish Tanakh.

The Jews, (mainly a slave race); settled in that accursed land of Egypt for around 400 years. Roughly dated from about 1847 B.C. .. But then they got kicked out when this Moses character from legend; started causing a right old ruckus. Probably sometime in or around 1447 B.C. Whereby that man alone started his famous Exodus march to victory and glory.

** The simple fact that the Jewish race had voluntarily sold themselves into slavery, or bondage, apparently played no part in it: the Jews just wanted to get out of the contract, at any price; with the entire pointless exercise somehow becoming related to some sort of “free my people bull-crap!”

-( NO! )- Lets worship one instead.

Back to Egypt, during the time of the Jewish expulsions, .. the noble priesthood had enshrined into common law that all sonnets, all plays; and all of the poems ever spoken or written, .. had to *conclude* with the god praising statement, .. AMEN-RA!
(And everyone promptly did.)

Here’s the sheeples very simple life choice, .. face being tortured to death for *not* saying it, .. or say it every fucking time: because you never know who’s listening.

Self survival on a mass scale soon kicked in, with all of the bleating worried sheeple rapidly learning to say it every damned time they closed their (bar-lamb) mouths, .. [ Amen! ]

Set my children free, .. the fleeing bleating Jews also carried that praiseworthy statement out with them into the wilderness, [[Amen!]]

  • And did it for the forty years thingy, [[Amen!]]
  • Which was right after Moses got pissy with the dumb-arse wankers for worshipping the golden calf, [[Amen!]]
  • And that was right after he came down off of that mountain, [[Amen!]]
  • But in a hissy fit with the self flagellating toss-pots, the man who broke the slaves out of Egypt, then broke the word of god by smashing the clay tablets, [[Amen!]]
  • Which then meant that the slave master had to climb that bloody mountain again to get a second copy off of the big man once more. [[Amen!]]

And (one) can only imagine how that conversation went.

  • “Yes God, .. they were praying to a golden calf when I got back.
  • No, .. it, .. err: it wasn’t a full grown bull, but a baby one.
  • Cow Paedophiles? – If you say so my lord.” [[Amen!]]

Some would say that it was the Jew’s bullshit period, but the wandering wankers all still gave praise to their perfect one God sat upon high. [ Amen! ] The one God that is the King of Kings. [ Amen! ] Verily so, .. because it is written by its concluding declaration statement. [ Amen! ]

SO! – When one of your god-fearing brothers, (or sisters), says AMEN besides you next time! – You will know for a fact that they are singing the praises of an old Egyptian God, who was the King of Kings.

Why does all this sound so familiar?

[ Amen! ]

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