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Like that Page-Breakdown – Absolutely no one will stand beside you. If, — and when you admit to your friends that you have a mental problem, then they will run a mile, and that’s a well documented fact.

– Say the word Alzheimer’s!

Then you’ll soon discover very fast, that you never had any friends in the first place. It’s a funny old world we live in because no-one wants to care for the mentally ill, or even be near them.

  • It seems, that that’s a problem for the State to sort out.
  • Move over Jack, mines a pint; and it’s your round.
    • You got Alzheimer’s, then you’re screwed and you be on your own brother: (sister).

*BUT!* – That’s not to say, you can’t get through it.

There are supplement’s that can help. Regardless of what the precious Medical Establishment says on the subject, and the reason they say nothing is simple, they can’t be seen to support one product over another: even thought studies have shown that Omega 3 work.

  • So they don’t support any!
    • And it has come to the point, that their advice is.
      • – ‘All supplements don’t work.’

My take on this is : ( They damned well Do! )

Omega 3 really does seem to help, as does B+: and in fact any blood conditioning supplements.

So years ago, I began to take them on a daily basis, and the pill combinations I took increased. As did my mental capacity.

I now take everyday:

Omega 3 : (vegetable, long chain blend) Not Fish.
Vitamin B complex (sometimes called B+).
Also – Sea Kelp Tablets.

All these compounds work on thinning the blood, and are good for the most common form of confusion; called Vascular Dementia. They indirectly increase the blood supply to the brain, but that was only half of it.

But, there’s more you need to do.

In those halcyon (hal·cy·on) days : I couldn’t think clearly, but my Plasticine mind could still re-call music. I remembered the words to the songs I loved and sung back in the seventies.

In 2007, for no apparent reason; I began writing that damnable book that had been swirling around in my mind for years.

Like my music, it was burning clearly there.
– You will, (also), have something burning brightly in your mind.

After just two months of taking the pills, and writing that wretched book at six every morning; something began to happen.

  • I changed: (trouble is), I didn’t notice it at first.

Step back.

Some background on my other problem: Prior to this time I wasn’t sleeping. In fact I hadn’t been sleeping well for about seven years.

– Insomnia is a Bitch.

I was told there is no real cure, and only a course of Pills could break the wake in the night, sleep in the day cycle

Finally thinking clearly, and being fed up with being a victim. I realised that I didn’t believe it. Taking my own problem in hand, I began to research this condition, and literally threw myself into it.

– I dug into the dark depths of the caustic underbelly of the web.

I read about every wacky theory going : then considered them all on their merits. I considered Yoga, but it seemed far to strenuous. Tai-Che looked interesting, and quite cool, but the commitment to it, was too demanding. It was the same with any physical activity. LEDS strapped to the head looked interesting, as did CD’s and tracks laid down from Whale music. Recorded Sea-Lion growling was a step too far, as was covering your head in refined err’ : (shit) – Seems that Human is best! – YUK!

Remember, at that time in my life : I was doomed with the fog, and in my mind. I was writing my final chapter. So I didn’t care to engage into anything, that involved a learning curve; that went on longer than three hours.

I trawled the web for a week, and after that time; I finally built up a real concrete Profile : of what Insomnia really was. – The general concept of not sleeping, was attributed to concerns in one’s life : And they were impeding your ability to shut down, (basically sleep at night).

A form of cogitative therapy, and a regime of pill use was advised. It also said, that to break the cycle of waking in the middle of the night: You really had to subscribe to Medical Intervention, and actively; seek Professional help.

– With it, you can make a change in your lifestyle.

My initial re-search, suggested not to drink stimulants. Nor try to sleep on a full stomach. It also came out with the usual nonsense of eating sensibly, and taking regular exercise. – Yer! – Like that was going to happen. I hadn’t been taking exercise for years.
– I was damned if I could find time to do it.

One thing I did get from my research, was the word  {– CHANGE –}

  • It became my Mantra.
    • And I literally, (changed), over night.

(Day one.) I didn’t drink coffee or tea after ten in the morning. I only ate plain food, no spices, and no meat. I didn’t eat anything after eight in the evening. I also didn’t drink any alcohol. That, after a time; became the hardest habit to break

– I still drink, but now only at the weekends.

Because I also suffer from gastric Reflux: I also took a good mouth-full of an antacid when I went to bed. It took it as preventative, and not a panicked remedy in the middle of the night.

– The first day I woke up at four, and not two as usual.
– Perhaps a fluke?

(Day two.) Same as day one, plus when I woke up in the morning : I took two caffeine tablets, ( and my other pills. ) Plus some tea: Then nothing. I worked the day with no cat naps, nor took any other stimulants.

That night, after a two day regime: I slept through for the first time in years and I was amazed how simply it was.


All the time I was still writing that damnable book. I lived and breathed that world I created, and re-discovered it through the notes I had written years earlier. Then after three months: it had became an obsession.

During the next month I went through dialogue re-enacting it in my mind. I saw worlds that I never knew existed, and stood on clean, pristine beaches dressed only in my underwear.

  • After four months : I wasn’t me anymore.
  • I changed.
  • I became, — Jessica.

Digging deeper again on the web : I found out what I had accidentally done. It seems that the folds of the brain, are ever-changing, and always re-forming. My book writing extended me into something I wasn’t.

  • You can make the change, but to you.
  • (Read it again.)
  • You can beat this brain nonsense, by becoming someone else.

I’m not saying write a book, but you can try it as the exercise. It worked for me, but might not be your cup of tea. You have to want to do it.

  • And what I’m saying.
  • Is Change!

Become an Artist, try oils, try water colors. Become that obsession that burns in your mind, turn your hand to clay modelling.

  • Really have a go at something new.
  • Build a train set — if that what rocks your boat.

Do that damned crossword in the newspaper, and more importantly; do it everyday. Never give up, never surrenderNever Give Up. Get that dictionary out, and obsessively research the questions. Become a Nerd, a Geek : Become much more that you are. Form that mental image in your mind, and hold them there, and retrain your brain.

  • Try to Activate Your Brain in different areas.
  • This will make a difference.
  • This will make a change.
  • You Will.

{ – Change! – }

You won’t be you anymore, but that said; you won’t be a shitting vegetable either.

At the end of the day : It’s your choice alone: You can take the Government’s advice, and eat more fruit and veg, and do more exercise . What you will become, is a fit vegetable; sitting in an orthopedic chair, at the end of your fuggy foggy daze.

  • Or you can learn to become someone, or something else.
  • Other than a damned vegetable …
  • What have you got to lose … Oh’ – yes, – the damned Fog!

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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Outside Intervention Registered.

Forced animal-(hybrid)-machine mode deployed, (open-me subroutine activated).
– Matrix code and biological permissions successfully merged in the prescribed scheduled time-frame, .. predictive actions running at 100%.

Attention STUPID Human!

A sign saying ‘Open Me!‘ – Isn’t a command.
Confidential Monetary Report Follows.
Conclusion Begins:
– The captured consumer has actually *bought* their own personal prison cell key,
(Then happily locked the door behind them).
– And did it when *you* signed up for *your* own beloved credit card,
(But are now paying off your blue dues in prison with a mountain of debt covering the door).

Resolution: the [ Consumption Bots ] have the human-monkey-race trapped.

– Give a google amount of monkeys some typewriters, ..
And one of the gibbering little freaks might well reproduce one of Shakespeare’s minor works in an eternity, (or two).
– Give a google amount of walking animals some credit cards, ..
And one of God’s gibbering human monkeys *might* well resist the urge to use it after a few seconds of shallow contemplation.

[ What’s written above is a pause in your life: don’t waste it, ( spend it wisely ) .. ]


Close this shit

Ain’t that so cute? – An innocent looking form on a web page; asking you to register to go on their exclusive mailing list: never seen that before? – { Huff! }

Anyhow: if you do sign up, then this is ( My Promise! )

(Just a cleverly constructed list of timely compiled acquisitions.)

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.