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It’s outa’ this world! – Or it Oort’a : Be!

Dearly Beloved: I am in a state of confusion.

Before we start: I must tell you that all links in this page will open up a new window. I hope you don’t need to click on them for proof.

The Goggle Traps.

The origin of the Oort Cloud.
TORG (c)
In the beginning.
The origin of the Kuiper Belt.

The existence of the Oort Cloud, and the Kuiper Belt bothers me greatly. Here’s a picture of them, and their superficial distance to the sun.

oort_cloudThe first thing to understand, and then dismiss is that [ A.U. ] distance described in the above picture.

If you don’t wish to click on the above link for proof, and then get bogged down in another diabolical Goggle page.
– ( An A.U. or ‘Astronautical Unit’ ) –
Is calculated at 149,597,871 kilometres.

Which is (precociously to my mind) the rough distance from earth to the sun.

– In real money:

One A.U is (about) 92,000,000 million miles, to make sense of that small minute distance.
– Light from the sun takes (about) 8 seconds to travel it.

So, putting the AU description from the picture above into some perspective; the measured distance from the surface of the Sun to the inner limits of the Oort cloud is calculated to be.

50,000 A.U:s away.
… or about 73 billion kilometres
… or about 46 million miles.
… or just under I light year from our sun.

Note here: Really not sure of these distances to the edge of the inner, or outer shell of the Oort cloud, and to even confuse the subject even further – there’s the inner, or secondary Hills cloud to consider, and even that’s not proven to exist.

But know this: it’s edge is a long way away from us sitting on our small ball of rock, that’s slowly going round our smaller insignificant sun.

From that profound observation, there is this big question hanging over us, and it is:-

[ How large is the observable universe? – The Nature of Reality ]

The answer is, it’s really, really BIG!

Makes our massive Oort cloud, look really – really small.

Begin Theory Breakdown.

Questions start.


Why is the Oort cloud spherical?

– It’s not a poor question: as some of the astrophysical snobs would like you to believe, because they can’t answer that simple question themselves. Theoretically: our solar system should be flat to the plain of our planets, it is not!

Question Two:

How was the Oort cloud, and Kuiper Belt formed?

– To answer that question: all you have to do is search the web, and everyone (of worth): will explain in a great deal of authority, that they formed when the sun did, and they are mealy the remnants of the early formation of the solar system!

– And are barely in the gravitation grip of the Sun.

Both questions are not well answered.

And both questions are in the realms of rough theory, as no one actually knows!

Everyone’s explanation: is only supposition.

Known Facts:

Our Solar System and Sun was formed (approximately) 4.6 billion years ago.

– And that’s a know fact?

One other thing we do know for sure: is that the closest Solar system to us is called [ Alpha Centauri A/B and Proxima Centauri ] which is roughly 4 light-years away.

– And is a Binary Sun System.

My other question: I wonder if an Oort cloud is around them as well?

Here, is how the Oort cloud was formed.

In the beginning, in swirling edge of our small Galaxy: dust from the spiral arm closed in around an eddy: that in turn formed a small gravity-well.

– This is the compressive nature of matter gravity wells, (badly referred to as Black-Holes) and they are anything but!

I will refer to these matter-wells, or black-holes: as TORGS (c) from now on.

Which is an abbreviation that stands for:

Temporal Object (of) Relative Gravity (c) – A TORG (c)

They are my explanation on how the Universe works, and you’ll notice: I’ve used the copyright notice on them. If you use it, and them: then I want an acknowledgement of the fact.

The early TORG that formed us grew and grew, and as it did it drew in more and more matter into it, and being a active and volatile TORG, became smaller and smaller as it did.

– And it was just waiting to exploded.

They did in the early days, and with a glut of Hydrogen matter floating around, they were like huge unstable batteries.

Now, my dearly beloved reader. You have to remember, (that back then), there was a lot of material matter floating around, much more than there was now.

  • The TORGS we know about these days, are benign compared to the volatile monsters created in those times.

These days, there is more space, as more of the matter has been drawn into the well spaced Galaxies.

– As a result: it’s a safer place to live in.

Now, lets go back to that hydrogen battery.

It filled to capacity, and then some more; and blew up. As it did, heavy elements formed in the fusion explosion. As a film they rushed out and formed as white huge plumb, and here; stopped at the outer limits of the old gravity well.

– And were held.

The deep core of the TORG shell caught fire and burned.

In that fire: the Sun was formed, and it turned and burned bright in the dark night.

As it burned, a new weaker gravity well was formed. The heavy elements in the white plumb, under that new influence fell back into the new Sun’s gravity well.

Swirling, they fell back in a strong band across the sun horizontal plane.

The super thick Kuiper Belt was formed, being drawn into a turning Sun, it became a thick mass of swirling dust.

Iron and other heavy elements were drawn out into long streamers around the sun, eddy’s were created naturally in the rotation of the Sun’s gravity field. The elements congealed, and then formed into constantly building shepherds.

You can see a smaller version of this effect, if you look closely at the [ Rings of Saturn. ] Saturns-Shepards-300-150And as as a foot note: every planet in our solar system has rings round them, its just that Saturn’s haven’t depleted yet.

The shepherds naturally formed the Heavy weight planets closer to the sun, and the methane giants developed further out.

From it, the primary Planet’s cores were formed.

The lighter elements in the white plumb cloud, comprising of water and carbon, then fell back into the Sun, and core planets new disturbed influence. They also fell back into that strong band across the sun horizontal plane.

As these elements swirled in, they were gathered up by the shepherds, who now became Planets with atmospheres in their own right.

Time moved on, and the wandering planets gathered up all of the remaining elements, heavy and light.

Movement from the Sun and Planets: still to this day, pull in the ice components from the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt it.

These are what we call Comets.

And after all this time: All that was left was the exploding white shell.

– That we now call the Oort cloud.

Its wayward brothers and sisters formed the now depleted Kuiper Belt.

– That was how the Oort Cloud was formed.

So ask yourself that question I first posed.

I wonder if there is an Oort cloud around Alpha Centauri A/B and Proxima Centauri. And if there is – then what type of elemental Planets have been formed?

You guess my most dearly beloved, is as good as mine.

Are you ready for this?

It’s hypothesized: that in the center of all Galaxies (our four spiral one included) – Is a black-hole, (a TORG): And these monsters hold the streams of suns in place.

– The ( Spiral Arms ) are made up of (billions of stars) – just like our own small sun.

Our own sun turns, and the planets in our Solar System follow the gravitation grip of our Sun’s bulging equator across its gravitational plain.

  • – So it then follows: that the TORGS turn as well, and what you see in the heavens, is just the matter streams following the turning TORGS tight gravitational grip across their own gravitational plains.
  • And that’s what forms the graceful spiral arms out there, and nothing more.

Now: If our Solar System has a birth shroud around it.
– (the Oort cloud) –
Then just perhaps monstrous ones surround all the galaxies in the heavens: including our tiny small one.

Start Looking.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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Forced animal-(hybrid)-machine mode deployed, (open-me subroutine activated).
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[ What’s written above is a pause in your life: don’t waste it, ( spend it wisely ) .. ]


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Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.