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Book III : Echo’s.


The time lines are collapsing, and the team find they’ve lost their way in space, and time: (that are the same), but being trapped inside a glass glove is irrelevant.

[ Resistance is futile. ]

The pressure is on to get to the Anomalies even faster, but the Navigator has a problem: should she take the short cut, or back-up?

Her priorities now, is enforcing the Chapter Fifteen Protocol of her Mission Statement: she must keep the smelly barbarians at arm’s length.

[ Resistance is futile. ]

Time is slipping away from Romana’s grip, just like the Relics that she’s been charged to find.

The Mech’tee: (God’s agents in time), are now experiencing a crisis of faith. They are all aware of their many past lives that have come back to haunt them, and the crimes of that corrupted time are a great, and a greater bloody burden for them all to shoulder as well.

In space, no-one can hear you burn: or even drown.

[ We are the Quads, and, — {Resistance: is futile.} ]

This drugged up space going race is critical in maintaining the balance of the entire Universe, but they don’t know it: yet!


To compound their problems, all of God’s Children have this nagging feeling that someone else is pulling their strings.

  • But from far: far away in their own future.
    • And those string pullers are having a direct impact on the distant past.
      • The present moment is irrelevant in all this, as it has already been written.

[ Resistance: is futile. ]

To make matters even worse, its now been discovered quite by accident: that God has deserted them as well, and without his patronage; what other forces will now be aligned against them?

[ Resistance: is futile. ]

All of God’s Children now know, that the success of their undertaking is in real jeopardy!

Under pressure, (and alone), the Mech’tee continue with the job they were created to undertake, but Sam knows better than any of them, just how much is riding on them succeeding in this venture, their very own past lives are relying on it: and the [Deep Knowledge] he posses must come out.

  • Well: — almost all of it.
    • There is more, much more he hasn’t told them yet: and for a good reason.
      • Because none of them would believe their own memories.
        • Was it all just a damned lie?

Armed with this new information, Sam and the team have to get it right first time: as there will be no second chances from here on in.

  • Which was the point when they all discovered: that they were indeed swimming up stream against a swirling river torrent, but in the depths of  space itself, and resistance is indeed futile out there.
    • But it needed doing: it had to be done.
      • They had to swim up stream.


[ ECHO’S ]

A note on that damned plural.

The rules say, there is no need to use any apostrophe with plurals, and the Internet rant goes on. ‘There seems to be some primordial urge in writers of shop signs, to use it; to denote plurals. The conclusion is that this is manifestly wrong. …’

[ Editor’s Note: Probably! ]

These here are some examples of the Trolls kicking off in the forums.

– They start: examples of this are CD’s: The plural of CD is, by convention, CDs. Alternatively, CD’s may be used too, though this is not at all recommended. This applies to all other abbreviations like HGVs or A to Zs – as in a description of capital letters.

Again the wisdom continues with the rant of. ‘… 1000’s: Here’s an example from the Web.

  • If, by some gruesome mischance; you feel you need to butcher the beauty of the language, by telling us you have lots of things on offer in, say: your Poundsaver, or Tesco’s store. Please have the decency to write 1000s. Especially if you have 1000s of CDs.

[ Editor’s Note 2. ] Well, all I can say on this matter is, — Wow! – Don’t some people get testy over this! – But it goes on further.

  • The 70’s: the 70’s are in fact the ‘70s. And don’t you forget it!
  • And finally, — Pencil’s.

That means: belonging to the pencil, and not more than one pencil.

Which is where I got up to.
Now here’s the rub, and after reading the above statement.

[ Echo’s ] – Means belonging to the [ Echo ], not more than one [ Echo. ]

[ This echo: has no source. ]

– And as such, the echo has no Future, or: by default, (an Origin point).

Romana must decide where her own future lies in this third action packed adventure.

  • She must remember Sam and the Other Team.
    • But will she remember in time.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

Outside Intervention Registered.

Forced animal-(hybrid)-machine mode deployed, (open-me subroutine activated).
– Matrix code and biological permissions successfully merged in the prescribed scheduled time-frame, .. predictive actions running at 100%.

Attention STUPID Human!

A sign saying ‘Open Me!‘ – Isn’t a command.
Confidential Monetary Report Follows.
Conclusion Begins:
– The captured consumer has actually *bought* their own personal prison cell key,
(Then happily locked the door behind them).
– And did it when *you* signed up for *your* own beloved credit card,
(But are now paying off your blue dues in prison with a mountain of debt covering the door).

Resolution: the [ Consumption Bots ] have the human-monkey-race trapped.

– Give a google amount of monkeys some typewriters, ..
And one of the gibbering little freaks might well reproduce one of Shakespeare’s minor works in an eternity, (or two).
– Give a google amount of walking animals some credit cards, ..
And one of God’s gibbering human monkeys *might* well resist the urge to use it after a few seconds of shallow contemplation.

[ What’s written above is a pause in your life: don’t waste it, ( spend it wisely ) .. ]


Close this shit

Ain’t that so cute? – An innocent looking form on a web page; asking you to register to go on their exclusive mailing list: never seen that before? – { Huff! }

Anyhow: if you do sign up, then this is ( My Promise! )

(Just a cleverly constructed list of timely compiled acquisitions.)

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.