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A New Hope

It’s been a while.
I’ve spent the summer working on Book II and other chapters in IV:

The Google link seems not to have done much. I’ve had 59 downloads from my site and I can only presume they came from the ‘ISBN’ Google created for me.

        … And in all that time I’ve only had one comment from Robb. But thank you again for it Robb. I greatly appreciated it.

        … But from ‘feedbooks’ my Book has been downloaded 9,360 times. Cool! …And as I’ve discovered there’s a new comment as well.
Thank you ‘Foxfur’.

Book II can be found here 

        … And with this site you can download it in a variety of formats.

Other things – I’ve redesigned the site…

        … And now have Menu headings for the Books I->IV: .. I’m also in the process of creating ‘Knickers’ or ‘Shorts’ and that’s amusing me, but as I’ve said they’re my ditties are really ‘Bizarre’ and I’ve only put ‘the Void’ concept in there at present … [Sara-Jane comimg soon!]

I’ve removed the chapters element from my pages. [or will soon] [update 11/11/10 done it] It’s all or nothing and trying to maintain them was becoming really problematic, but as I say if you need them caontact me!

Book 1  and 
Book II 
are in their respective ‘Pages’ accessible from their ‘Menu’ headings above or click the links shown here … The links will open the book’s in a ‘PDF’ format to your brower / or download the file direct.

Once downloaded, click “Save as!”

        … Lets make it easy people!

Thanks, Jessy.

Spread the love, and the message.
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  1. Bloody spammer’s are miffin’ me off!… Big time!

    …But I’ve installed ‘Bad Behaviour’ in an attempt to stop the foul posts that ‘the spam robots’ are placing on my pages.

    I’m no prude, but some of the stuff in the messages and links would turn you white. It’s disgusting!..

    Rant over…

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