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The nutty Professor

Least We Forget:- Ferguson was one of a number of people at the highest levels of government to contract the virus. On the 17th March…Continue readingThe nutty Professor ---
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Death in Paradise

Happy times in Hosting, but not so happy times were this third UK lockdown is concerned though, they say that the COVID infection rates are…Continue readingDeath in Paradise ---
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Root out BaseZap

I’ve got to say here, that this new hosting provider dat’ I be’ done and found me’self out-dare in dee’ wilds, ain’t arf’ be’ not…Continue readingRoot out BaseZap ---
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angled padlock and no stopping sign

December in Paradise

Well this is fun, .. Not! Lockdowns finished in the UK, praise be lockdown version two, with all the shops now open, but now also…Continue readingDecember in Paradise ---
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Yet more Old Computers.

PC mode sees me buying (yet) another blooming computer, .. (yet) again. Last years purchase of the second hand HP kept overheating, especially with all…Continue readingYet more Old Computers. ---
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Thanks for reading my blogs: Praise be the ORI.

This is a local popup, .. it’s been placed here to advertise the fact that you can have your own **free** local WordPress environment, and at the click of a button.

I’m putting my own reputation on the line to push this local program, and what I can say on the subject: is quite frankly it’s brilliant. The program itself will provide you with a very simple WP environment to go local: simple but powerful.

Setting it up and running it is a breeze, but like everything else software wise out there, you do need to read the docs: just a little bit to get it running.

Did I mention that it’s free!

Download and install it here.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.