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Terms and Conditions.

Author Information.

Name   : Mrs Jessica Simpson (c)
Web    :
Phone  : [+44] 1793-330624
E-mail :
Region : United Kingdom of Great Britain

This copyright notice is legally required, and it must be included because there are some right old greedy bastards about, ..

Jackasses who would steal my work whilst claiming it as their own, more especially so if this ownership copyright notice is not placed here: it is, so proceed with caution Dearly Belove’d.


All my work has Mrs Jessica Simpson (c) in its header, who is hereafter called (the Author.)

From that, then it follows that all of the Author’s books, blogs, audio companions, and anything else that the Author writes or puts out there: hereby called my (Books), are all covered by that general copyright statement of ownership declared above, and also now included below to remind you of the copyright notification.

Mrs Jessica Simpson (c)

Copyright is also claimed by me on anything written by Mrs Jessica Simpson (c) from 2007 till now.

Publishing platforms by Mrs Jessica Simpson(c) at, but not exclusive to:-


Also including any other place that I write and publish; that’s not been officially declared above: in fact, everywhere.

Firstly, .. please take note on the definition of the universal legal age: that I alone consider to be sixteen for having sex, joining the army and killing people, to smoking, and of course drinking alcohol.

** This old drunk says fuck the temperance movement, and especially their poxy fucked up ideals.

So it follows from the Author’s little outburst: that the legal readership age for all of the legally written Author’s (Books), is generally considered to be *well over* sixteen fucking years of age.

PG ++


What a great fucked up world we live in, .. in that (we) have to even do this shit, but we all collectively hate the thieving bloody (Lawyers), almost as much as we hate the thieving fucking copyright (Thieves.)

Additional Notation: These (Books) are currently considered to be free from a monetary charge by (the Author), and held in the public domain, but solely in the respect of your enjoyment only.

Additional: You may not change, reverse engineer or dissect these stories, or (Books), or any of my thesis for your own ends. 

  • For any reason whatsoever.
      • Fandom Editors and free Authors take note, you want to write a stint, or a fucking fork: then contact me.

THE LEGAL DISCLAIMER THAT MUST BE ADDED. These works, in whatever form that you’re currently consuming them: is of fiction, that’s set in (a) backdrop of deep antiquity, and also in the far flung future, but the present day plays no part in it.

Public personages, both living and dead, may indeed appear in the story under their rightful names. Scenes and dialogue involving them with the apparently fictitious characters, are of course invented: Of course!

Any other usage of real people’s names is coincidental: Quite right.

Any resemblance of the imaginary characters to actual persons, either living or dead is entirely coincidental: Absolutely!

Generally speaking, .. Keep in mind that all my characters are indeed fictitious, and any resemblance that you can see is entirely coincidental. They bear *no* relationship to people born in the past, the present, or even in the future.

All my work remains my own, but I give you permission to consume it in any way you see fit, but I do not give you the OK to change or copy it for your own nefarious ends.

I’ve spent a very long time working on these (Books), so please keep that in mind when you take it all in. Twenty-five to fifty-five minutes to you, but an absolute eternity for me, and also an absolute eternity of never ending bloody bills to pay as well, .. stay safe time-Warrior.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

The real dry declarations that must be include in any book is as follow:-

Standard Edition and Legal Licensing Notes.

My / [‘This ‘]/ These books and stories are licensed for your personal enjoyment only. They may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share any of my stories, or books with another person, then please purchase an additional copy for each recipient.

If you’re reading this (Book), and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return it to wherever you obtained it, and then purchase your own copy.

Thank you for respecting the hard work of this (Author.)

It, and they: at all times, remains in the copyright and ownership of (the Author) Mrs Jessica Simpson (c). If you read, listen to, or have them read to you: then by default, you accept these terms and conditions to be true.

  • These are the facts before you now!
  • Ignorance of this legal copyright ownership notice is no excuse under law to break it.

The above conditions then becomes a legally binding contract between (You) and (the Author.)


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