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Contact Information:

This page has some basic contact information

Three proposed methodsthe cut black acorn

Firstly by eMail, and the address is:-

[ Jessica_@_b92mjs._co._ uk  ]

Simply removes the underscores.

Secondly, you can use a land line in the UK  and it’s:-the Overlord's Flag and emblem of honor

[+44]  1793 – 330624

  • And just leave me a message.
  • There’s always an answer machine on this phone line, and it’s never picked up.

The third method you might like to try, is by using the reply box below. It’s not (Public) and won’t be (Approved.)

the Enterprise's flag of convenience

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.
Spread the love, and the message.

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