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About Books


Book (one) – [ the Gathering ] – needs a rewrite.

Book (two) – [ Generations ] – wants a complete rebuilding.

Book (three) – [ Echo’s ] (in production) – Is almost finished. (ho-ho!)

Book (four) – [ Changes ] – Just where do I start?

Other spin offs are:-

Book (four : point five) – [ Origins ] – Is out there, and as it stands: it’s OK (ish).

[ As is its child – ( Five and a Half ) – ext Link provided. ]

Book (four: point seven five) – [ the Golden Dawn ] – Is drawn in from Echo’s, and is an eye opener. Well, Sam thought it was.

Book (five) – [ At the end of the day ], is still being created.  I can’t foresee the outcome till Sam gets back to me on that one, and I know he will: because the Devil has said as much. So, till that day comes: I will continue to write out this adventure.


Also in the pipeline [ Underworld’s Children. ]

Book I – [ The Fellowship of the Hind. ]

Book II – [ Wet or Wost. ]

Book II –  [ The Return of the Kings. ]

In the mean time.

I thank-you for your patience, but that said, please do keep in mind this sanguine fact before you, and it is: that (the Dark Times) really are coming.

– Be prepared.

Thanks for reading, — Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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