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About the Author:

Jessie on better days.

Married no children at present, but two in 2037, Freddie and Mary.

I started writing out this set of stories way back in 2007.

And that was after I got unceremoniously dumped back into this terribly corrupted time zone. If I ever get out of this foul place and back to reality: won’t be a day to soon for me, and that’s where you come in my dear reader, because I need a special mathematical number to be registered in (time)  itself.

I need to acquire [ 3,141,592 ] readers.

That’s three million, one hundred and forty one thousand, five hundred and ninety two people, who open and read that statement above.

That’s either from my eBooks, audio files, or blog, (meaning here: as well). In simply seeing that number, means that you are already wrapped up in the words.

And that simple act of reading it will prime the Meme Trigger.

[   ∏   ]

Are you the 92 second reader? If you are, then you won’t have read any further, and btw: the handy gif above was to keep the intended victim still as the timely death blow was dealt, but it’s the small insignificant icon below the killer gif that would have done the damage.

Click it to see what just happened inside your mind. (I dare you!)

Some background information: The words in these stories have been constructed with a Meme Memory; and the unfortunate reader who doesn’t get past the small pye construction argument point above, will be the one that corrects the time line.

One man caused mine to fail, and one person from this time line will be used to undo the damage.

Rest assured (dear reader), it wasn’t you; for you can continue on with this narrative in the safe and sure knowledge that it is safe to do so, but please keep this in mind, that someone else out there definitely won’t get this far.

Praise the ORI that you are safe.


All my stories come from a series of events, told to me after I was rescued on that hot day in June, where my house was attacked and my husband killed.

My children, yet to be born; were all at school that fateful day, and I consider it a blessing, that they were spared the violence shown against us, but in being taken out of my time, then dumped back in the relative safety of this dreadfully corrupted year, (and time line). I knew that I just couldn’t live this way.

(So I came up with this simple murderous page), and who would have thought that just reading something could kill you.

The Second Internet Condition explained in full.

Don’t look for – the Pink Elephant!

As I previously stated: I’ve introduced a precondition in this narrative, and it was when the 3,141,5 – 92 (nd) reader of this story opens any part of my works: then that fateful reader’s life force will be used to correct the flow of time.

Elohim cannot see this unfortunate person, but ( the Meme Plan ) has her approval.

And as stated before: and as you’ve read this far, then you know that it wasn’t you.

Our history says 2029 is when it all changes. You my dear reader, are now one of the Hero’s in time. Because by reading this account of the truth, you have now become part of it, and after looking for the Pink Elephant: that you were specifically told not to do, your mind is now primed and ready.

You, have become one of the many.

Important: –>> And as such time-Warrior, you also agree to not rip off my work, nor copy it for your own illegal use.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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Try it, you won’t be disappointed.