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Casting Shadows.

You’ve passed Age Check to get here, but just remember this salient fact placed before you: foul words live here as well, real fucked up words at that, and also foul and fucked up concepts to go with them.

To name but a few: then rape, pedophilia, greed and wanton avarice are all used in this series, and they are all considered as fair game for a free-form-writer living on the edge of madness.

I’m close to being committed for my sins, but I’m not stupid; so fair warning is hereby given, and I cannot emphasize this enough: if this type of filth above, and below the waterline offends thee, ..

Then – Leave – Now!



Being all alone is something that our happy gay kidnapped victim can’t seem to manage, and it seems that being surrounded by homophones is Parr for the course for him down-under.

But at least he’s now on dry land again, so that’s one good thing. Now, .. if only he could sort out his crab infestation problem, then life would be sweet, but he can’t: because his live-in lice cousin won’t let him get rid of it. Life was much easier when he was just a slave to his work.

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Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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