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Face Off – Down-under.

Underworld’s Children … what they all look like.

 Domini Fusslooocke Domini Fusslooocke’

Classification (Team Leader).

  • I am the [t:Forth] Prime of the Reams Provence.
  • Domini of Billingham.
  • In Corfe: I am the absolute Master of the [t:Two] chains of Croon.Under my command.
  • I have [t:Three hundred.]
  • And I hold [t:Four thousand] in joint ownership at Cowpen Bewley.
 Kron - Krool-Lan-Day-Son Kroo’-lan’-dee’-san. – AKA – (Kron)
Classification (Tactical Officer) Security.War blades (Feathers) come out from his arms, razor sharp. Licking the side of his red and yellow bill with his blue tongue.

  • Horning.
  • Kim called it: his Tyrannosaurus Rex call when he comes out with his loud call.
  • Robert says it sounds like a Bull Elephant on heat noise, describing at a deep growling rumbling horn sound.
 Norebat-Norelong Norebat & Norelong.
Classification (Climatologists).

  • Called the Zzarlongs
  • Warm/cold blooded reptiles.
  • Vegetarian – Dinosaurs
  • ( And — Hermaphrodites. )
  • Marital status.
  • Complicated, brothers to each other, their family cell, and their scent queen.
 Robert Langdon Robert Langdon.

Classification (Anthropologist).

  • AKA (the Silent Witness.)
 2nd Annual Unite4:humanity Event Miss Kim Cantrell. AKA Kin.
Classification (Linguist).Lives in Switzerland, just normal girl: 24.

Owns black tomcat called: Matou.

Shire-[G-(tuck)]-Lee – AKA- (Shirlee)

Classification (Agricultural Specialist). – Farmer.

  • From Karsavina.
  • colloquially called: Kar’saviens.

Also a very private people, never go off planet.


Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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