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Book V : At the end of the Day!

Synopsis, ..

This is the final (Installment) in the Gennaro’s Children Series.

Are we there yet? – We are! – We’ve arrived at the end of time, and with the worlds about to collide any minute, but what can we do to save ourselves? – Let alone the universe, that’s usually just taken care of itself just fine without us interfering. 

Unfortunately, that’s all semantics to a condemned man, and it means very little to someone who’s scheduled to die that very night.

Because as far as you’re concerned Dearly Belove’d, this time the entire universe really is about to end: along with you standing at the helm of a runaway craft. I do seem to remember saying that you were important at the beginning of this venture.

The Ousting.

Those that conspired, and those that were complicit in it: have been finally unearthed and brought to book, but at what cost?

Utopia has been destroyed, can it be rebuilt again? – But do we actually want too?

Maybe that was the plan all along!

Or just maybe, it went far deeper than that.

Perhaps it was just an easy way of moving house on the cheap, (cheep), and even getting someone else to carry in your furniture for you, and then get them to lay it out; right before the trapdoor below drops, but do you remember standing on it? – And who the hell put that rope round your neck anyway?

** It really is the end of the day, and Zebedee says { Boing! } Time for bed everyone, the big sleep awaits: night, night Sweep.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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