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Book IV.75 – History

Nano Shadow side project.

Golden Dawn.

I gave birth to that book on November 2013, and is a part of, but not included in the NaNoWriMo contest. This cranky old woman ran the phantom book writing task: in parallel with that pathetic yearly exercise in November.

  • Knew that I could do it, done it with the Trinity: that then evolved into Origins.
    • (Big sigh!)
      • And just like (the Trinity), I now have 76,000 words of crap to sort out.

This old witch really shouldn’t have bothered. I could have, and should have taken time in writing it, but now I’ll have to go back and massively re-edit the thing, and I just haven’t got the time.

  • But if by chance you are looking for it.
    • Then I have to tell you: that it’ll be a while before I get back to it.

Last In the year, 2012: this housewife just didn’t have the time to join, and to a degree: I’m now glad that I’ve broken the habit, because the praise you get in hitting the target is intoxicating, and just like any drug: say no! – And this shadow exercise all came about during my extensive experiences with the contest in 2011.

So without further ado: onto the three reasons why I didn’t fully engage in the Nano contest this that year.

1.) – Users: this writer just couldn’t bear the thought of rubbing shoulders with the pathetic me-Too(s),  — who are J. K. Rowling wannabes; or at least have her money. These pathetic creatures are all over the Nano forums (and others), shamelessly promoting themselves: and practically begging other writers to read their books, and then expect to be praised for their work, but sulk loudly (and very petulantly) when criticized.

Writers crave readers, and when they can’t find any: turn on other writers to get their jollies.

These mindless cretins are the unpaid prostitutes of the web, flouting themselves: stating they’ll do anything for a promise.

  • Which to my mind: is the wrong way round.
    • Because if you’re a prostitute, you need paying for opening your legs.
      • This old girls got her legs open right now, but no one wants to pay me!
        • And I’m not doing it for nothing.
        • But the wannabes do, as they get comfortable on the casting couch.
      • Then their jaws drop at seeing Harvey Weinstein walk in.
    • And after they’ve been used, complain that they didn’t mean it.
  • What the hell were you doing in there on your own anyhow?.

2.) – (Support) FORUMS: makes it sound like an A.A. support group, and to a degree: they are, but not in the well thought out 12 step plan that the A.A. are famous for. In an A.A. group for example, you wouldn’t have someone at the back sniping at the contributor.

‘Hello, my name is John: and I am an Alcoholic.’

‘Hello John.’ so says we all.

‘Been there, done that, but I got cured,’ shouts the Sniper.

These are the smarmy gits you have to watch out for: trolling the wannabes whenever they can with such snide comments like, … ‘I can use plurals,’ – ‘there should be a full stop there,’ – ‘of course I know: I have gone to university,’ – ‘I have completed, and got a degree in writing studies,’ – but the best one I saw: ‘I am qualified to write this, … and, … what , you should do here is, …’ – Yer, you’re qualified all right.

  • Trouble is, these Trolls haven’t written anything, and nor have they ever drunk anything stronger than red whine (sp!)
    • Those Muppets that do try their hand at it: produce soulless crap that tastes like alcoholic piss.
      • And they get real prissy when criticized that the written work has no bubbles.
    • They can meter it out, but can’t take it up the arse like the rest of us have to do.
  •  These sad pathetic people ultimately become the Trolls of the forums: (or Moderators).

The critical trolls are the most vitriolic vicious animals you’ll ever come across on-line, but of course: face to face, they are the most pleasantest of people whilst they observe the social niceties. They are met during your (face to face) on the Saturday afternoons write-in meetings. Contrary to popular belief, the Troll-Moderators are highly intelligent, and not the bottom feeders from the sink-estates you’d normally expect: they are usually the affluent housewife with a drinking problem, and whilst weighing you up for an attack on line: they like nothing better than smiling (falsely) and telling everyone how they got over this, or faced that, ..

  • Secretly, these perverts really get their rocks off at the expense of others.
    • And like nothing better than watching a flame war erupt around them.
    • They are the mental Masturbaters of the web.
  • And they really do make me sick as they tip back another whilst chuckling at their wet fingers.

3.) – Nano Structure: so now we come to the movement itself, and it really does try to move you. Loose and firm it makes no difference to them, it’s all glorified mental constipation, but their laxatives are administered constantly in the form of eMail suppositories.

These begging letters are sent out by the pathetic Operators! — Crying out constantly that the Nano web site costs millions to run, (really?) – And they desperately need more millions to run the contest, (support these poor little children is the hook line), then they sit back and wait for the diarrhea to flow in the form of loose change.

  • And it does happen as the suppository goes to work on your guilt ridden intestines.
    • In a whiny voice they then spout: it’s for the Kiddies after all, and that glib statement they expect us to roll over, salivate and go belly up as you void your bowels: handing out our money as you go saying,  for the Kiddies! — It’s all bull-crap!

Because they use children like this: then the type of contest writings you undertake must only take the form of less than PG content, or its banned: because your content will come to light in the forums when you ask questions, or in my case: when I uploaded a framework book for someone else to play with, and in it: I mentioned Judith’s breasts that she didn’t possess, (Oh’ the shame of it.)

  • Bloody uptight Yanks!

Conclusion: secretly; I really had to get that off of my chest, but in this old girls opinion. Writers support forums and writing contests don’t work. Especially when they are all bolted into child friendly cash generator schemes to run the contest, that then finances the contest: to run the contest, that wants more money to run the juvenile contest.

  • And you just get constipated taking it all in.

Anyhow: everyone entering these things just wants to be rich and famous (like J.K.) and the contestants have no love, nor any real commitment in what they do: they just want to be wealthy, and then imagine the fame that comes with being an established Author.

  • If they can’t have that overnight, then getting a head rush over producing 50,000 words will have to do.

One Moderator I was introduced to on-line once, proudly proclaimed that she can write 130,000 words a month during the contest, and you could practically hear the groans from all the others struggling with 2,000 words after three weeks.

  • She really was a bitch.

But being damned nosy, like you do, when someone spouts off their super-human-woman-like-abilities. I looked at her Amazon Page with her offerings on display, true: she did have a lot of novels there, but no one had downloaded any of them, and no one had even bothered to comment on her wanton rambling works: there is a free option to view pages in books. Did I mention fairy like wanton ramblings?

  • Sad really: and she’s one of them smarmy Moderators I had the misfortune to meet in person once.
    • But she did break the mold.
      • Because superwoman was a stuck up bitch to everyone.

Golden Dawn is written on the back of Origins, and partially evolves inside the Echo’s universe, but the paperwork gets finished off in an explosive flush during bodily Changes, … (Phew!)

Note the Echoes plural above, really upsets folks — (huge explosive very noisy grin! – {Arrh! – Plop!} – That was a relief.)

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

PS as a footnote: I’m not the only one that thinks NaNoWriMo is *not* good for writers, it’s dated from 2010: and he does get slated by the elegant snobs for typing what he did, but he’s right.


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