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Book IV.5 – History

Origins, .. originally started out as the Trinity in the ignominiously named NaNoWriMo writing contest.

I was, at the time: genuinely in awe and inspired by the supposed raw talent that was apparently working around me, but: it soon became clear during the contest on the forums that:-

1.) The authors (cough, cough!) and writers hadn’t got a flippin clue, and virtually all of them were just in it to promote their own promotional path to riches beyond their wildest dreams. Most were blatantly engaged in pushing their own web sites, or existing books, or even themselves to be in the glorious limelight.

** Or even all three of the above, and all at the same time.

2.) The web site itself actually grooms the vanity of the nooby wanna’ be writers, by cordially publishing how-too letters from successful Authors, (not humble writers you’ll note), and the letters are always followed by begging emails for money to support the site itself: you even get a halo on your profile photo if you donate; with everyone technically tut-tutting if you haven’t got one, and they do it by casually mentioning their own: and often.

The site itself is based on encouraging the wannabes to promote themselves, and at the same time; they want donations for the glorious cause: of success.

** To cover up the greed and avarice side of it: the cause also proudly states, “It’s for the kiddies”, whereby they then promote boot camps for young writers to attend the promotional course, and of course; that costs money to set-up and run. So their hands are out for yet more financial support, whilst hinting that young George of Jane could be the next big success story of the literary circuits.

It’s the absolute worst of American greed that I’ve ever witnessed, and the rest of the world, like blind sheep they are: eagerly follow in their golden footsteps, bleating loudly as they march onwards for their own personal wealth and fame.

  • For greed, is good.
    • Write a book, make a fortune.
      • Anyone can do it.
        • Start em’ young.

J.K. Rowling, (and her monetary success), is the main underlying driving force and reason for these camps and bogus writing contests to even exist.

3.) The contest itself is total bull-crap. A book is called a work consisting of 50K words: sounds a lot! But the fact remains that it isn’t. Such a target is well within the reach of any competent writer or novelist. All you need is an idea, and then the dedication to do it.

During the Contest, ho-fucking-ho! I missed the first week, but I ripped through the target in three weeks.

Unfortunately, what I ended up with was complete and utter rubbish, and it took me a full year to break it down and then re-build it.

ORIGINS was finished on the 13th in August, in the glorious year of 2012. On that day I began to re-visit ECHO’S, that was originally published on-line on the 21st March 2010, and even the editing style in that book was utter crap, which meant another breakdown, and also a major realignment of the entire series.

** It’s no fucking wonder that I never finish them: I’m always re-writing and re-cataloging these damn bloomin things.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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