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Book IV.5 — Origins.


In the beginning, was the word, and that word became us all.

Experience a day in the life of the dull and boring, and this day was no different than any other dull and boring day, or was it. Because on this normal day, is the start point of how it all came into being.

Origins says it all.

This narrative tells of that hot boring day in June, in the year of 2037: and what happened from there on in.

– Follow the course of events that dragged me to where I am today. See the depravity of the Overlord, and then see the politics of God herself being played out across time.

Watch the actual (game board) being built, then observe the pieces being placed on it, and then moved, and then played.

  • And now you, (the reader): are also part of that board of life, because by simply reading this narrative, you have become a new player in time!

You, (dearly beloved), are now one of God’s Time Warriors, and you have no choice in the matter either: the matter is what we are all made up from, and some would say hot air: whilst others would say a word.

  • And that would be the utterances of God herself.
    • I did say it was a game.

[ Here’s the link to the down-load Page. ]

Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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