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Book IV : Changes.

Synopsis, ..

If things don’t change, they’ll stay as they are, and that’s not an option.

Sam’s illicit Deep Knowledge is still haunting him, and he hasn’t shared it all with his team members.

Jane was the only now becoming aware of what he’s hiding, but her current involvement with the team is drawing to a close.

Time is yet again slipping away, but the Mech’tee; (God’s agents in time), now have a new master called Councilor Brown.

He alone has resurrected the old defunct Mission Statement, and they’ve all agreed with him that it was a very good idea to do so, and yes: they should sleep alone anyhow, but will it put them back on track?

Or has time finally run out for them all.

On another deeper level: then there’s the primitives living outside to consider in all this, and that damned volcano simmering away next to them was a worry, and of course, not forgetting the useless livestock they’ve all just jettisoned.

** But at least Romana was happy that that damned cat had been dumped out there, and if that volcano got it; then she wouldn’t care one little bit. All-in-all: that’s one change that she eminently approved of. The contented Navigator wasn’t so sure about bedding down with her subdued team members, whilst also losing her own private bedroom to Mr Brown himself, but the busy councilor did say that he wouldn’t be with them for very long.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.


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