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Book II : Generations.

Synopsis, ..

God’s selected Time Warriors are now officially called the Mech’tee by all of god’s many agents scattered throughout time, but time isn’t on their side, because they’ve found themselves walking back though time and returning to their futures.

During the long hike, they must now face their own worst enemy’s, themselves, but these identical creatures they’ve met are not as they seem.

Our hero’s don’t know them: the people they’ve stumbled across are total strangers, who may even threaten their very existence.

Come with us to Bermuda and fight Bugs in this second gripping episode of time, flight and fantasy.

Meet Sam and battle hostile jungle tribes in South America.

Go with Jane, and face your worst fears.

See Sara come alive, SHE’S ALIVE!

Fight along side with Tra and John, as they play the roles of slave and master in old Washington DC.

Watch in awe as Murray lumbers across your screen pumping iron.

Keep your eyes on the old man Smithy, he’s building bridges and alliances, as well as keeping the oars up to speed.

Observe Old Tom: he’s quick for a reason.

But most of all:-

Look out for the Enterprise herself, .. travelling at high Warp in this spectacular second instalment of Gennaro’s Children.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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