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Book I – History

The Publishing and Writing History of Book I: the Gathering.

Original first publish date: 21st March 2010.

Currently off-line: as of 29th June 2014: And withdrawn for a re-write, seems that free; is far too expensive.

Update: 06/Nov/2013

Currently removed from download. Till that is, I can re-edit it.

What was written, was a target for the trolls: Unfortunately they were distracting people from the narrative, and what the story was all about. Till such time that I can get back to it, the first Book will be off-line:

Sorry: If you want a copy, eMail me : Links at the bottom.

Update: 24/09/11

A Major update. It’s taken me over two months, with a verbal proof reader, but I’ve finished it at last. All those ‘Typos’ and duplicate words [are/should be] removed … It now forms into constructive sentences, with comas and full breaks inserted : Where, they are supposed to be. Book One; now stands at Version 7.a

… And it’s the last time I’m editing the dammed thing.

What you see, is what you got. BTW you should hear it with AMY speaking. [ Brilliant! ] … I think she’s great, but for you to experience AMY : You have to buy her voice from [ IVONA ]: Still looking into getting a licence, but its expensive.

Thanks for reading : Jessy.

Update: 11/11/10

I’ve rewritten a vast part of the book. Opening out sections. Improved.

[ I think ]

        … Others: I’ve now written on a more general and consistent platform. In other words : From chapter to chapter it should feel more uniform.

When I originally began the first Book : It took one and a half years to complete. Then I started the chapter re-writes, and as I did I began changing the writing style; I think my style is improving. Seems from reading the writers forums that everyone suffers from this. From this simple observation: I was left with was a very cramped book in some places, which I did for printing purposes.

[ Didn’t like it ]

So I opened it out for a self publishing platform using an eBooks style format.

— Humm! – Still not sure:

But I think it’s been sorted, and as a by product of this mega re-write, all of the spelling mistakes ‘should’ all be gone, but I sometimes miss things; that should have been caught. Proofreading is an art, that I don’t possess. After all; I am only one girl on her own.

[ old female person: Lets be politically correct out there! ]

                                                                    … Anyhow: I am only one girl; working on my own, and I don’t have a huge organisation behind me. As a consequence; what you see, is what you got. [ that should be ‘get’].

And, from the above: If mistakes like ‘where’, ‘were’, ‘too’, ‘ to’,  ‘of’,  ‘off’ and the odd ‘the’ that should read ‘then’ unset you. – Then don’t read any further : I am, after all : Only human.

Originally I was confused as to whether to cram the words in, for printing and publishing purposes, or write a wide flowing, ever flowing … when will I get to the end … ’80’ characters per line script for a manuscript.

I’ve come to the conclusion, after reading about J. K. Rowling’s exploits; and what she had to do in getting her first Book ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ published; that I have absolutely no chance in getting this noticed.

… It’s like finding a snowball in ‘hell’.

The probability; that I’ll ever get this into print : Is [nil/none/Nada]; and it’s highly unlikely that any publisher would consider any of my books. They are too long, have to much detail, and in some places; far to controversial. But ‘Never-the-less’ : I think it’s a good read, and remember; God told me write it in the first place.

‘Hallelujah’ … ‘Praise the Lord’ … b.t.w. : That’s a duplicated statement!

I have created an interesting world, and a set of conditions that are believable. [ Because they are real.] Along with characters that some could associate with. [ See Above! ] : Their interaction, as the story develops, is; I think interesting.

The fact that some people have read it, indicates to me; that there is scope to develop it further. I’m considering creating an Audio Book, then throwing that into the wild to see what happens? — Dunno’, but for now ‘Book III’ is waiting to be written.

— Any-how : Back to the re-write.

My other option in this re-drafting, was to open it out for the ‘eBook’ readership. I’ve opted for that path, and as such: Pulled it out for easier reading on the the ‘kindles’ and ‘Androids’, and I suppose the ‘iPhone’. As space isn’t a premium on these platforms, and it does look better.

This Book is free, and I urge you to download it, and read it and pass it on.  — Many thanks for reading thus far.

The Story update: – No Spoilers it’s OK! – I’m not giving anything away, honest!

‘The Internet condition’ has been rewritten, with Elo’heems permission of course!

‘The Court Room’ and some of its characters have been expanded. Along with the Lawyers and, the law in question.

‘The Wild Dog’ has been rewritten, and the logic as to why Mohammed, Annie and Abdul did what they did has been drawn out, and not simply implied.

‘The Boy’ in the Wild Dog : also has a name!

Sara’s Install has been rewritten, and her relationship with Romana balanced out. Also Sara’s leadership abilities have also been expanded.

At ‘the Town Pond’ has had a major rewrite. Sorry, but those people that believe in the Bible word for word, but they must realise ‘the World’

— [ excerpt: ]–

“Cries of derision about the earth only being 6,047 years old was heard from people in the front …”

— Sometimes the written ‘Word’ can be a pain, but it is has to be viewed in perspective of the belief held at that time. By a very primitive people, convinced of their own superiority, and of the  existence of an After Life in Heaven. : [As it is written.]

— Oops! – More written [ ‘words!’ ] of God, [ Not! ]

‘The Long Walk’ has more information added : For a world, whose only use and understanding for personal items, is where are the toilet rolls, and toothpaste. Have you ever considered what you would do? … [I wont go on].

BTW: I’ve finally puled the individual chapters from this web site, they were to hard to maintain.

Original on-line – Published 21st March 2010.

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