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5 – the Origins of Humanity – The Assent of Woman.

Part Four : Our Original Sin.

This is very simple, isn’t very long, and my essay, and ultimately your adventure in time; my most Dearly Beloved reader.
– Is almost finished.

But please keep this in mind as you take in the statements I’ve presented below.

Known Facts. Zero: [ that’s a number! ]
Sahelanthropus tchadensis. (The first ones came forward.)

– Really can’t pronounce that set of words.

Anyhow, fossils of it where found in Western Africa Currently an area called : (Chad).
Dated to, sometime between 7 and 6 million years ago.

– Oldest, upright fossil; found to date.

Known Facts. One:
There are a lot of fossils found, that show the slow development of the upright walking ape. The one named below was quite successful.
– And it travelled quite well, as well.

Its name was Homo Errectus.
– And a lot of other names as well.

Fossils found in Northern, Eastern, and Southern Africa; Western Asia (Dmanisi, Republic of Georgia); East Asia (China and Indonesia)

Dated to (about) 1.89 million and 143,000 years ago.

Known Facts. Two:
Getting closer to us was the Neanderthal.
Bones found in Europe and South-Western to Central Asia.

It’s just estimated, that the species lived from 200,000 – to just 28,000 years ago.

Known Facts. Three:
Now to us.

– Found initially in Africa, (evolved? – From what?)
– Now living very successfully worldwide.
– About 200,000 years ago to present.

    ( Note ‘the about’, in that agreed statement. It’s from all the most eminent science communities! : In other words, they don’t know either.

– We are babies in this time line.

Looking back at Man.

Let’s go back to the first one, Sahelanthropus tchadensis; and no I still can’t pronounce it either. So lets call the very first one : Eve.

    … Now I want you to consider just what made Eve stand upright in the first place!

– I propose that it was interbreeding of our common ancestors, that caused a malfunction in her Genes.
– Eve was born hairless, but she grew strong and had naked children of her own.

– Now its imagination time.

Visualise Eve’s Sister, carrying her child. My question to you is this: What is her child doing?

– I’ll tell you: It’s hanging on to her hair.

Now visualise Eve and her naked child. What’s her child doing? : Eve is carrying it in her arms, and as such: The Ape called Eve, is forced to walk upright to move from A to B:

Continue on with this defect, and a million years later; Modified Homo’s have become fully developed.
– Having a head of an Ape.
– But the Body of a Man.

– Apes are walking upright.

    – It happened like this: Because we were using our hands to tend the children, over time, our minds became keener as the hands that looked after the children; become more dexterous.

The hands have also become tools, and from those tools we fashioned others. Flint was the tool of choice to cut flesh and skins.

– And on the end of a long stick we learned to throw it.
– We developed weapons.

That fact alone, makes us unique in the animal world.
( Foot note: ) What can a man do with his right hand, that a woman can’t do as well?

– Throw a stone.

That’s not to say woman can’t throw, but in general they do it badly, and that Politically Correct Discussion; is a mine field in itself, but throwing like a girl is a fact before us.

It was Women, that dragged a guttural Man; into an upright standing position. The Tree of Life: The Garden of Eden. The Original Sin of Woman. (Sex) Child Birth.

– Race memory comes through.

Man [is/has] blamed Woman for all his ills, in his long and miserable life.

– He was happiest living in the gutter.
– We pulled him out.
– Then made him take out the Trash.

Having hands, and standing up is a good modification.
Add in the fact that we can eat anything, and we are not restricted to any terrain.
– Meaning, we can wander anywhere.
– We actually did grow up in the Garden of Eden of Earth.

But standing up, does have some draw backs.
– Namely giving birth.

Our hips are rotated the wrong way round for such a basic task.

Some Basic Bible bullshit to convince you of my argument.

Genesis 3:16 BBE
Bible in Basic English
… To the woman he said, Great will be your pain in childbirth; in sorrow will your children come to birth; still your desire will be for your husband, but he will be your master.

– Gutter born in my opinion.

Childbirth was, and still is.
– A dangerous occupation to under-take.


Finally looking back at a Woman.

Also something else to consider, we are the only creature on Earth that meets face to face. Or, to put it in its full perspective: Genital to genital. Socially, things began to change as we covered our groins.

More Bible crap, again from Genesis.
Adam said to God. “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.

God replied. “Who told you that you were naked?
… Have you eaten from the tree.
… That I commanded you not to eat from?”

The man answered. “The woman, that you!” (he pointed at god saying). “That you – Put here with me. It was her, she gave me some fruit from the tree.
… And, err’; I ate it.”

God said to the woman. “What is this you have done?”
The woman answered. “The serpent told me to!”


After listening to what the serpent told us, we began to wear clothing, because we knew we were naked.

Our Original Sin:

The Torah [‘begets’] the Bible, that [‘begets’] the Qua-ran, and all three were written by men.

– For the benefit of Men.

Because those great Religious Books don’t benefit the woman’s point of view.
– Not one little bit.

– I’m not bitter, not one little byte!


Moving on, some more sanguine facts.

We came from Africa in the second exodus (fact).
    — The first exodus by the Homo Erectus.
    — Including Neanderthal Stock.
    — It occurred (about) 1.8 Million years ago.

    — We (modern) Humans, left Africa.
    — (about) 110,000 years ago.

Human Facts.

– We came out intact, fully formed.
– We call ourselves.
– Homo Sapiens.
– [ aka:wise men ] – [??] – Really?


    — The above refers to a general group of upright walkers, that includes Neanderthals and Hominids, both groups; are now extinct.
    — To distinguish ourselves from them, the Neanderthals. We now refer to ourselves Homo Sapiens Sapiens (HSS):
    — Twice as good, and twice as nasty.

In our arrogance, we consider ourselves the pinnacle of evolution. There can be nothing better than us under God’s great, and glorious plan.

The Finishing Post.

So we can see, that what left Africa, was a fully function human being. Not a Neanderthal, but I theorise; that we were born from one.

– One birth made us all.

I propose, that it was caused by interbreeding in a closely related group of Neanderthals. They lived in perfect harmony in an isolated and safe location.

(the garden of Eden)

I also think it was in, or near; the Great Rift Valley in Africa. No proof, just a feeling. As long as the volcano underneath isn’t active. It’s a good rich area to live in.

In this village a boy was born with a deformity.

His jaw was defective. It was a lot smaller that that of his siblings. As the boy grew up he could produce strange sounds with that deformed jaw.

– We will call the boy : Adam.
– His weird noises amused his parents.

Adam was loved, and he grew strong. He grew into a man and had children of his own, and his defective jaw was carried forward into his own children.

Adam is our great (^5000) grandfather.

That defective jaw line, enabled his descendants to produce complex hunting sounds, and eventually speech relating to the hunting exploits of the tribe of killers.

– From that simple defect.
– We learned to think for the first time in six million years.
– And its was death that we first talked about.

Remember — NO BODY KNOWS!

Interbreeding by Adam and Eve : Caused two malfunctions.
– That ultimately led to us.


The Next Origin.
– A Forward [‘Projection’] of our long Genetic Line.

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