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4 – the Origins of Animals – The Hard Age:

The story presented below, represents a series of events that covers some one hundred to two hundred million years.

** The time line shown here, is beyond massive, so much so: that it’s actually impossible for our limited minds to comprehend, ..

But never-the-less, we all nod sagely in a sensible all knowing fashion at the timely span hereby being proposed, then dutifully carry on with our tiny meaningless little lives as if we fully understand it.
– When in actual fact, 10 years in your past with your own cherished plans clutched tightly in your grubby hands, (is considered a long time), when it plainly isn’t; especially when compared to our own humble origins, that could have occurred 20 years before that during your own troubled birth, let alone your long forgotten grandmother’s birth, and then her own long forgotten grandfather’s troubled up bringing, but not forgetting your own long lost parentage that happened in year zero in the middle east, that then resulted in, ..

From the deep forgotten then, to the current barely remembered now: cost many many billions of utterly forgotten lives, all clinging onto their own grubby little plans, with the unplanned bastards in their many hurried lives resulting in (us), a factual biological feat that hadn’t even been planned for from start to finish.
– Yet here we are!
Pristine and perfectly formed by the will of God herself, .. are you still nodding sagely?

The emergence, .. as a scaled lung fish, (fully developed in our own right from feeding freely on the rich mud flats), we move from the waters edge, and here we cautiously chase the swarming dense mats of insects, (out), and then out even further into thick dense forests. These impregnable places rise to the dizzy height of three feet or more, and if the mud flats were rich in food, then the staggering trees were a million times more so.

Some of us cold blooded lose our scales in the warm shallows, staying in the protective mud whilst croaking out their mournful songs. We have no time for music, and in chasing for yet more diverse food, our more successful feeders rapidly diverge when laying their millions of eggs: some grow big, some get smaller, some eat the vegetation, but others amongst of number take a far easier route, by eating the flesh of our slower brethren.

This newly discovered dense rich world now holds new perils; it is a place of instant death, but the risks are worth it, as we now (all) follow the law of rapid procuration, which is also combined with the healthy return of taking as much free food as we want: our dense expanding profit margins grow with every generation.

In this brave new world, there are now others hiding in there with us as well, other monstrosities who will eat us if they catch us, (but first), they have to find us.

The cautious ground burrowers weren’t bothered by them, and we are now living in the growing fat below the dense forests: hiding safe and secure under the rich grounds, we are the new ground dwellers who live in the vast deep colonies.

Being the size of a large rat, we eat anything, and we eat everything. Our adaptation in this brave new dangerous world, is successfully playing the numbers game.

We breed rapidly, and we die in our thousands when we come out to feed, where we are then eaten, but it doesn’t matter: there are more of us, (than them), but in our vast numbers there is a cross over in the mixing breading melee: some of our children are born different without anyone noticing, but eventually some of our great number did, and rapidly smelt out a large group of new hatchlings produced at the edge.

They collectively stank: their odor is so awful and so overpowering, that the hatchlings were ejected in mass. They young were chased out and are forced to live alone in their own rapidly constructed burrows, and no hunter killer bothered them during its construction.

In new home they aren’t pursued and eaten by the other hunter killers, and out here in the wilds; the wildling stinkers breed rapidly, aided by their forbears fast adaptation of the hard leaned rapid birth cycle.

** That first fast breading small stinking scaled dinosaur rat, was the primary building block for every other animal on earth: including us, it was our own original ancestor.

Over a long time period, .. the smelly reptile population explodes: resulting in the ones that smell the worst, breeding the most, and as a result; their children literally pour forth from the rank burrows.

Some killers take some of the normal looking young, but never eat them: the young with our scales splayed and split aren’t even bothered, and so our stink adaptation takes on a new overcoat: which is worn as a warning that we are not good eating, and our rank stagnant perfume gets worst with every successful generation.

With outrageous confidence, we now advertise our presents in garish colors, walking and grubbing in amongst the hunter killers: whom we now ignore in total confidence, but the killers are still happy to kill and eat our small grandfather reptile rats who originally cast us out.

We are not big, but there are a lots of us, and we (still) eat anything and everything we can find, and our ravenous hunger is ever lasting.

We are the new dinosaur dustbin men.

Yet more time moves on, .. and our splayed scales become even finer: till they begin to feather with even brighter colors of red and blue, a subtle code that tells the hunter killers that we are not good eating, and to stay away: they do.

Our stink is now far worse than rank, and our vast foul smelling breeding colonies are a place to be avoided by all, and all the time we are breeding our way up the vast continent: uncontested.

But space for us now becomes an issue.

Nearing the edge of the cold lands, .. we can breed and spread out no further, but soon discover that our splayed feathers of colored tasteless warning, actually keeps us warm when we nest up and brood with our our eggs during the dark. The feather adaptation becomes a barrier against the cold at night.

The new long earthers now move even further north, and breed even faster; whilst all the time chasing the new fatter exotic insects we’ve found living there.

Them whose bodies become warm during the cold periods naturally: bread best. The warm blooded adaptation, born from our warning feathers is a development that we collectively capitalize on, and in our internal warmth: we move even further out into the cold temperate zone, eating the new richer vegetation and large fat unsuspecting insects that are freely available everywhere.

** It is the fabled land of milk and honey: it is the promised land of plenty, and here we eat our fill, in full view of god’s good grace on Earth.
– Hallelujah!

No cold bloods have ever come to this cool temperate zone.
We are alone, we get lazy, we breed even more, and it doesn’t matter who with: as our vast packs of rudderless colonies begin mixing freely.

** In a pack of a million animals, natural deformities occur when close relatives mate: usually the fetus fails in the egg, or die soon after it cracks it way out, this is natural selection in its cruelest raw form, ..
– But if the young is strong enough to run and eat: then it has a good chance of mating, especially so if there’s no maternal control or male based harem system in operation, which there wasn’t during this prolonged period of rapid expansion in the laid back opulent land of plenty.
– A rich corpulent land, that also produced giant dustbin rats in the same runt based mold: normally far to big to sustain their overbearing size and slow bulk: especially when compared to fast-breeder mum and dad, but when food isn’t an issue, .. then big greed is good!

As we never really had any natural predators to worry about: then our over confident weaklings had no fear of falling foul of beak or talon, then under such ideal conditions: it makes the natural born runts amongst us quite inventive.

Some of our number, even smaller, .. are much lighter than us, and with this weight advantage; they learn to leap and eventually move freely using their feathers: they become the happy gliders who move between the branches of the giant trees, chasing down dinner, or lunch: or even late breakfast.

Up here there is good feeding of the abundant insect life, that has never even had a predictor chasing them, and up here; the innocents are found in abundance.
– After a short time of learning the benefits of powered gliding: a neat trick that they passed to their own burgeoning weak thin boned children, the small feathered warm blooded egg layers: became the flying birds with teeth.

** Using this flight adaptation, many of the wanton young turned back to exploit the warmer lands, where they then pursued the swarming flying food, that was always just out of our reach when we lived there years gone by: whilst at the same time, keeping well away from our old vast squabbling stinking colonies, who are now suffering from dying back through lack of diversity.

Even though nothing wanted to consume the free flying younglings, they used their new found abilities to keep well away from the many lizard predictors, some of whom had joined them up in the open skies, but they weren’t a real threat: more of a flying hinderance to be avoided.

Others in the north, grow much larger, .. and lumbering off with their giant bulks, also leave for the warmer richer feeding grounds to the south; scattering the weakened squabbling colonies to the four winds as they go.

The large lumbering killers can hunt their new prey in the cold of night, and over time: with big and fast being more successful, they become even larger faster nocturnal killers; preying on even bigger cold blooded reptiles, that used to call the deep south their secure home. That false security caused the mindless blood stress to erupt amongst them, thusly creating wild adaptations to emerge in both the ice cold killer packs, and also the vast moving cold blooded herbivore herds.

** Selectively, only the large cold blooded reptiles survived the terrifying night-time attacks, and so the large dinosaur adaptations were born: the race was on to survive eat and breed, with only the really big docile reptiles having any real chance of fending off the night-time terrors.

In the profitable north, .. we develop even larger nesting sites and herds, and life is really really good by now.

One female, born from an unholy union between her father and mother, has a defect. When she mates, her eggs aren’t laid as normal: they remain inside her, but she continues to feed, and hunt, and carries them full term. 

Breaking out of their thin shells inside her, she births them live.

Her children also inherit her fault, and carry their own chicks full term.

– It’s an advantage.
– We are not tied to nesting sites any-more.
– We can take our nests with us.
– We move on and graze and hunt with even more growing confidence in this wonderful land of plenty.

It’s an evolved adaptation that becomes a highly successful blueprint for all others that follow, but it’s also a successful deformity that can kill.

Carrying the eggs full term inside females has a fatal flaw: the harder breaking shells can kill. Them that have weak, or no shells; survive. In this cruel harsh climate of natural selection in paradise, and after a thousand painful deaths: the true womb with an umbilical cord is eventually developed.

That deformed creature was our own original forbear: the monkey based human animals can trace their own noble linage directly back to that corrupted adaptation, who didn’t die at childbirth.

Where after we can confidently say that the female mastered the concept of a womb, but nothing could be further from the truth: the masterful concept just makes us feel more important.

Over time, .. with an unbelievably simple and easy food supply on demand, and in an easier environment that we’re well adapted for, ..
– We get really really really lazy, and so do our young, who demand more and more from us in the way of food. Many are born still connected to their egg umbilical cords, and it stays connected to them for longer and longer periods.

– Initially we carry them with us.
– But they are weak when they fall off.
– We dig deep holes to keep the young warm in the cold climate as we rear them.

The weak die, the more successful are born with stronger umbilical cords, that then become teats at the rear of the womb, and from here the young learn to suckle on demand.

They do this, when we return from our day time hunting to keep them warm.

Here we are once again confined to our deep warm nesting sites.
– Our own success, was also our downfall.

We are now small warm blooded, finely feathered animals that stink.
Our feathers are now so fine, that it resembles modern fur.

We also give birth to live young, ..
That we suckle.
– And who are getting weaker with every generation.

** All animals on earth are directly related to those smelly warm blooded fine-feathered carnivore rats.
– Who are still the same size as their modern day equivalent, that can also give birth to live, highly developed young that ravenously suckle at the teat.
– In this, nothing’s changed for millions of years, and now we can (all) nod sagely at this good bit of wayward news.

In the time of great plenty, .. was also the time of the great great green plague, a poisoned earthly condition that slowly begins its insidious creeping sweep across the cool warming planet, a cooling period that also saw us retreating back to the warmer climes.

Vast cold wind swept savannahs that over long time, eventually replaced the thick woodlands and hot dense forests, that hid the giant adapted dinosaurs who fed exclusively on the ever growing weeds, but fast growing weeds that are now in limited supply, and they couldn’t tolerate the new indigestible grasses.

The adapted monsters of the old age then begin dying out in their thousands from lack of food, the hunters that fed on them; also begin to disappear, but not all the dinosaurs vanished.

In a small strip in the tropics in this now green cooling world: the giant cold blooded water borne alligators and crocodiles survive, they’ve learned to hibernate during the dry seasons: and put this adaptation to good use during the new extended cold season.

Waking at the start of the warming weather period, they feed on our long lost singing cold blooded frog brothers, whose million strong egg spawn and can also tolerate the cold.

Both parties can ignore the ever onward march of the encroaching grass, both parties aren’t affected by it at all.

Our small singing cousins happily eat algae, and also the ever faithful supply of insects: these become their prime food source. In the melee, the slow turtles and small lizards also learn to feed on the last remnants of the old weed, as do many of our flying bird brethren. 

The cold green world is changing, and it slowly becomes ours; as we all finally return in our breading cycles from the ice cold north.

Many of us move into the vast lush savannahs, learning to eat the grass with our warm blooded bodies, who can spend the time in digesting it.

– We didn’t go down that path.
– We did what we always did, we eat what was left: our children in this cold green world were the northern survivors.

Epilogue, .. this is how the reptiles became warm blooded animals.

– We are the children of the birthing adaptation.
– The stinkers.
– The garbage eaters.
– Them that grew feathers to advertise our presents.
– We kept warm in the cold regions.
– Our feathers became even finer.
– We gave birth to our live young, who fed on our milk.

But by this great time everyone stank, and we once again found ourselves prey. Our distant ancestors became a rich food source for the newly developed cat and dog hunters, and at that point: we then did what everyone else had down in the past when threatened, our direct line moved into the forests, and up into the safety of the trees.

– Some stayed small and relied on speed.
– Some hid, and only came out at night.

But we got bigger, and our big children could fend off the clumsy hunters. We were protected up here, but being big in a tree does require large hands and feet to support the greater bulk.
– Them with small hands and feet fell from grace.
– Where they then succumbed to the many serpents circling below: they did not reproduce.

In the high trees, we could breed in relative safely.

We also formed in huge troupes to keep the climbing hunters at bay.

It worked.

Our monkey mothers got bigger and bigger, and from that size perspective; we were really protected from all but the biggest hunter, and none ventured up into the high canopies, where we still ate freely on anything and everything that we could find. After a time, we came to dominate the high ground.

From that absolute domination, .. we eventually came down to the ground, and in our fearsome troupe with the mantra of, ..
One for all, .. and all for one: we moved ever on with a stoic confidence not seen in any animal living on Earth.

The cat and dog hunters were now food for us, if we could catch them: after a time, even they leaned to avoid us in our large noisy worrisome gangs.

Our grandfathers and grandmothers became stable, established, and had their protected children with even more renewed confidence in this dangerous kill or be killed world.

Our elders were the survivors that continued even on: we were not one of the fallen, we are the survivors that killed with impunity.

We are from the monkey and great ape stock that ate well, and bred freely, and then successfully had children; that in turn lived to eat and breed again themselves, it is repetition.

For this is the true meaning of life.


Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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