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3 – the Origins of Aquatics – Seeing the Sea.

We were the first hard coated simple sugar cells.

Oh’ most dearly Beloved: The Men of Science now call us Mitochondria (plural) for Mitochondrion.

It comes from two Greek words.
[ mitos ] – ‘thread’.
[ chondrion ] – ‘granule’.
The men of science are boring gits, ain’t they my dear!

We didn’t call ourselves anything in those early days.
We were just hungry complex bubbles, and we readily ate into our home on the vent, dangerously weakening it all the time.

– Then the Earth moved beneath us.

In our Millions we left Home. Much to the relief and amusement of our Parents. Who were glad to see the back of us.

The Baby Boomer’s.

– In our ‘Bubble Mass’ we rushed upwards.

Erupting as a foaming plumb, we slammed into the surface of the great seas. Here, bobbing around in our millions; many of our Brother Bubbles burst, but we held it together, and we even found good eating in the rich air.

    — We liked what we found on the surface and rapidly expanded our new foam Home. Planning permission wasn’t required then, so we built where; and when we wanted.

– Bubble of my bubble.

The oxygen molecule contained inside the carbon-dioxide was poisonous, we couldn’t tolerate it. We threw it away down the alley with the rest of the rubbish.

– We didn’t bother with Recycling.
– The vast planet could take it.

It rained now and again, and all that rubbish was washed away.

– As we didn’t need to bother about it!
– We didn’t.
– And we didn’t, with a gay abandon.
– This is one Rule : We obeyed to the Letter.

The Rise of the Hippies.

— [ 1: Foam Bath. ]–

The thousands of others around us did what we were doing, and being a split of our children, they did it just as well, or even better.

– But we were the first.

Only us, one cell in a mass of thousands could glue ourselves to our gay Brothers. Only we could hold onto our siblings like we did. We alone possessed the right combination of sugars.

On the surface, and a thousand hours later; we now counted in our trillions. When we finally rolled over at the ripe old age of one thousand years old, our numbers were beyond a simple word count. During our long life time we converted the rich air, and in our richness; we grew at a manic pace.

– Our great foam Blooms’ began to cover the world.

And for ‘half a Billion years’, our Children, and our slow growing Grandchildren of the First-Ones : Languished in the contentment of good eating, that the rich and bountiful World freely gave.

– We were the first real Hippies.
– We were laid back.
– We didn’t give a dam.
– Heavy Metal Man!
– And that was thrown away as well.


In that time we grew to an immense size. Our connected body Blooms were a world wide phenomenon, and they slowly converted the atmosphere of the warming world. The great seas, in that time; absorbed much of that poisonous oxygen back into itself, but not all of it.

– Some of it leached back into the air.

The great foam Blooms begin to die with the onslaught of the poison we had produced over the years.

– It was from this point on, that the rapid changes begin.

One corrupted and deformed cell, found itself on the surface of the dead and dying hippy beds. The water bed thy died on was flat and calm, alive with poison. Turning slowly, it drew in some of the light to break down the reduced carbon we found in the air. In doing so; we used small amounts of poisonous oxygen from the sea as a dangerous fuel source.

Rebel Without A Cause.

– We were one of a kind, for we, were the corrupted one.

[ ‘Form of my Foam’ ]

– We were what our Grand-Mother was not.
– Our corruption, and instability : Was endemic!

We became bloated with food and divided, but we didn’t just split. Like a Terrorist, a Bomber : We blew ourselves up, in that explosion; we were scattered.

The Hells-angels.

Laying on the dead foam blooms, hundreds of us were born within that birthing. Laying between the legs of our dead Mother : We found we were many styles, and even stranger types of different sugars.

– Most of our Sisters failed, but many more didn’t.

Stuffing ourselves we ate, then split, and became more successful with every dramatic Birthing. During that manic time of plenty, and using the new rhythm method; we establish the first principle of seeding, and with it; we evolved more rapidly.

– Instead of birthing, just one for one.
– We now birthed to one, to thousands.

Wasting our unborn children to the winds and even deeper into the wild seas, we rapidly developed.

Continuing to gorge ourselves, we eat and split ourselves into even smaller parts. The birthing (seeding) process is established.

    — In that corruption, our children developed: That was us in actual fact : We, began to grow into longer, and longer complex chains.

– That divergence, became our survival blueprint.

These new constructions were more efficient at breaking down the sun-light, but it was only the tips of the long chains that erupted into seeds, and that only happened when we became full and bloated.

– We stuffed our fill, then had [‘Seed-Sex’].

The Coming of the Mods.

Now connected to each other we became an even more efficient light collector. In the dark we learned to rest, but during the hours of light, we manically ate, rapidly grew, and then spewed out our children into the rich seas.

– The [‘New-Green-Mats’] began to flourish.

As a team, we spread ourselves out across the vast seas covering them in a dense tangled mat.

– And in that dominant position, we took over.
– The Earth was ours once more.

We did much better than the great foam blooms did before us, and our connected great mats; were much, much deeper.

– That depth created a problem of its own.
– Here, another type of life was formed in distress.

In that dark place we found ourselves in. …

[ Because it was us dear Survivor. ]

The Goths.

    … In the dark, as a new seed; we turned on our Birth Brother. We hungrily took them back into ourselves, and absorbing them, we broke them down into us.

– And inside us, we eat them whole.

— [ 2 : The Sick White Ones. ] —

We flourished on that diet. We changed, we became the cannibals beneath. Here, we grew and spread out as a thick growing grey film under the great green mats. We ate everything above us. It was a successful development. We multiplied and seeded in our Billions. We couldn’t tolerate the light, the sun killed us, we were born in the dark.

– And in the dark we stayed.


In this new form as a slow growing slime, we were a success and with a free abundant food source all around us, we seeded at an alarming rate.

Even though life was easy, we were not fast. We grew at a ponderous rate, because we were tied into the slow growth of the deep mats. As a result our children were always hungry. Spreading themselves out into the rich sea they also changed.

– One as a long chain, grew out in the open.

Thrashing around in desperation, it knew it was doomed without an anchor to grow on. But in its distress, it found it could tolerate the light, and even grew in it. The long grey chain became a larger glob that needed no mats to cling on to.

– It became a free floating hunter.
– Its diet wasn’t exclusively the green mats.

Coming back Home, and knocking polity on the front door, it ate its parents as well. Whom we took a great deal of pleasure in consuming. Our trusting parents were sweet, easy to eat, and much, much easier to digest!

Hip-hop Wrappers.

– Dearly Beloved. …
– It was our Genes evolving yet again.

— [ 3: Grey Blobs. ] —

As a new type of rapid feeder, and wanton seed-Layer, we spread out freely into the vast seas. Not being tied to one spot, the adaptation was successful.

– We were the new hunters.

– The free spirits below.

– The second generation, eaters; of our parents.


The [‘Sick-White-Ones’] now desperately clinging to the base of the mats, developed a defence strategy against us, and when one learns of it, the others chemically adopt it as well.

– We were biologically repelled.
– We broke the resistance, and countered.

The [‘Sick-White-Ones’] developed another counter measure and sent the information throughout the waters of the world.

– Sending our own, we again broke their chemical reaction.

–[ 3a: Warfare. ]–

The chemical fire-fight was begun between two types of complex life forms. The Pre-Bacteria and Virus Globs hit each other with everything.

    — They used the sea as a communications medium. Its chemical messages became a tangled weave of information.


As the new Gypsy [‘Grey-Blobs’] : We grew even fatter on another source of rich food we found. Our Brothers and Sisters made tasty meals if we found them easy prey.

– All were swept aside in our manic development.
– One [‘Gypsy-Glob’] freely attacked another.
– If it was bigger, it won.
– Life was good.


During one such encounter with one of our own, we didn’t eat, nor be eaten, but part of us : A mix of the two during the digestion: – Broke off: – It Grew:

–[ 4: the Reds. ]–

We, who were rejected during the digestion process; attacked and ate everything.

During our wanton youth, we [‘tip’] seeded as our Old Fashioned Gypsy Parents did. But, as we got older, and fatter; we found we couldn’t seed.

– We grew dangerously large.

Our seeds threatened to erupt inside us, but still we ate. In our wanton greed, and buried deep inside one of our own.
– Eating and being eaten.
– We Seeded.

Our Children that erupted out were the new Sex Maniacs.

Within two generations we needed our close Brothers to reproduce, and our inter-mix ratio from that point was dramatic.

– Free Sex began here.

– We are that free Gypsy Glob, now turned Red.

– We are the new Barbarians.


Our speed of rapid change made us terrible to behold. We used brute force, and not chemical digestion to eat.

– All fell before the new – Red : Barbarians.

Our Children were so small, that they were eaten by everything, including the mats who considered them a replacement to the weak carbon meal.

– The [‘Great Mats’] easily trapped us.
– The [‘Sick-Grey-Ones’] beneath, took us in.

They promised to re-homed us, but they kept us in the cellar. Taking us out one by one, they nourished themselves on us.

– They even fed their children with us.
– But, we were born in our Billions.

    [ And only them that spewed out even larger numbers of Children were guaranteed to survive. ]

We grew, and once big enough; we turned the tables on our Loving and Caring Family Members. We knew were they kept the spare key, but we didn’t need it : Instead we kicked in the front door. Running in, welding long knives high in the air, we screamed at them like demented Banshee’s.

Here, standing in the front room, we released our children trapped in the cellar, and together; we fell on our Family members cutting and slashing them to pieces.

Towering over their mangled bodies, we fed on them.

– They had no defence against us.

Once our bellies were full, we visited the Bathroom, and pulling the chain (flushing the loo) : We seeded ourselves out into the great oceans.

Some of our children even seeded themselves directly into the open mouths of our Loving and caring Grandparents. Several of whom, had survived our surprise visit, and were now crawling out of the ruined door. – From there, they planned to escape out into the street with the information gained during our surprise visit, but instead.

– They just took our Grandchildren to the Park.

Our growing children, were developing inside them as they left. Our grandfathers would become our new wives, giving birth to our new children in the process.

    — Aliens have a lot to fear when they ever decide to meet us personally.

In that manic seeding frenzy, different types and styles of cells exploded into the rich Seas of our House. In that medium, we changed from the simple celled long chained Globs that our Grandparents were : We changed into something else altogether.

– We began to form complex conjoined cells.
– Over time, and after a billion deaths.
– We became three’s and four’s for protection.
– Some cells evolved into different functions.

Some [not just ‘seed-tips’] Made other seeds internally, and even before we were mature.

– Children gave birth to children.

Others cells fed the cells around them, whilst being protected in the center. Cells that were part of us on the outside, sort out food. Whilst others, heard new food calling out in the quiet of the night.

All the cells joined together, and grew, and evolved, and in that harsh evolutionary process; of the serial killer and maniacs mind.

– We multiplied.
– For the Reds were born from Chaos.

    — Perhaps the Aliens should re-think that visit.

—===[ Count Down: ]===—

Dearly Beloved : Five life forms now dominated the seas on the dangerously poisoned planet.

1: – The new Green Mats.

These new blooms reproduced by seed splitting, as our grandfathers did. But they sent out their seeds to find others like themselves.

2: – The sick White ones.

Lived under the blooms, they also split themselves to reproduce, but their chemical reproduction was slow.

3: – The Grey globs..

Were free floating, they attacked the blooms or sick white ones. They, like the [‘Sick-White-Ones’] reproduced by chemical self seeding, and sending their young out into the void.

4: – The Red ones.

Like the greys, we were free floating Gypsy, but we, exclusively in our millions; joined with others to reproduce.

– Our chemical reproduction speed was dramatic.

—===[ Time Out: ]===—

The long evolutionary process, modified the process further. Trial and error with a billion seedlings establishes us as the dominant life form. Reproduction using this method is quicker, more efficient and requires less effort.

Children of the Nineties.

We did it with wild sex, and the wanton casting away our children (seeds). Our survival strategy becomes an established fact.

– And with it, the ground rules were laid.

We, the Red creatures; changed in nature, as yet more sugars and proteins are added in each mating. Rapid divergences appear.

– We begin to grow in variety and size.
– Over time, we become the dominant life form in the sea.

There were now new millions of us in every birthing, and there were millions of us giving birth.

– We grew, we became bigger.
– It was the ultimate defence strategy.

One day, no different to any other; we survived an eating attack. Our outer skin cells were harder. Our million egg off-spring had even harder skins.

– That was us, we are the Survivors.

Over time, the skins became shells, and we developed a support structure for them.

– We are them!
– We are the thick shells with a skeleton.
– The thick shells developed into scaled fish.

Other shelled ones fell away from us, they didn’t bother with an internal support structure. These hard skins became the Crustaceans that used their hard shells as support.

– It was a mistake, they could never grow large.
– They later crawled out on the land as Insects.

During this time, we all left the soft ones behind, they still exist. They are the other members of the sexual egg laying glob family.

– Some got bigger over time and most went even softer.

To this day a group called.
– [ ‘the Mollusks’ ] –
Are the second largest group of invertebrates, with 50,000 living species.

We know two of them as squid and octopus, and like Dolphins and Porpoises; have an intelligence that we can’t interpret.

– Make no mistake, they are intelligent.

They don’t possess the Industrial Intellect, that we have been blessed with.


The group are still functioning, as they did all those aeons ago, but we didn’t stay with them in the sea.

– As Fish, we followed the food.

The hard shelled crustaceans, pursued relentlessly by us, moved out of the sea. As Primitive Insects, they took up residence under the giant Green-Mats, that by now, had established themselves along the vast shorelines.

– Here the Insects made their new Home.
– But we still pursued them.
– Their children were easy eating.

The green-Mats, now anchored on solid ground, developed tubules and sent out their tendrils into the rich earth.

Sitting in the sun, the green-Mats took in a new rich diet of nutrients, but had the hard shelled eaters in their midst. Whilst clinging tightly to the shore, and under-stress from the Insects; the evolving green-Mats sent out their own divergent seeds.

– Over time.
And travelling cautiously up the fresh water rivers, the green-Mats slowly moved into the highly fertile interiors.

– Here the Plants grew, evolved and flourished.
– And in their deep shadows.
– The Insects grew, evolved and flourished along side them.
– Bending them to their chemical will.

Our will to eat, and breed; was just as strong.
– Along the edge of the great fresh water rivers, we conducted highly successful night-time raids on the Bug-Nurseries. In our feeding frenzy, they turned into bold day-light incursions. The more successful of us could tolerate the harsh sun. Our million children moved further into the interior, eating, and evolving, and breeding in the mud. Our fish scales became the blue print for the Reptiles.

That in the next Chapter.
Slowly became ‘Feathers’ for the [‘Warm-Blooded-Animals’].

– Not a typo:

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