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2 – the Origins of Life – Cooking In The Boiler.


According to fossil records, we have identified single-cell organisms called bacteria, and they first emerged (about) 3.8 billion years ago : And that’s just 750 million years after the Earth was formed.

– Life is simple, cheap and easy living!

These fossils were advanced, and considered as bacterial moulds that converted carbon and used sunlight to grow.

– But we need to look back even further dear Reader.


Time Travel.

We need to look behind us now, into history : a long time back. Here we will meet the very first ones.

We are going back, to when the Earth was a vast water world; with deep volcanic vents, that spewed heat and lava into the crushing deep cold Oceans.

At the edge of the one of these hot vents. Heat coming up past the lip, caused an electrical discharge against the nutrients in the rocks.

– This wasn’t out of the ordinary.
– At that time.
– It was occurring all the time near the deep ocean vents.

The molecule nutrients being electrically charged, tumble over the edge hardening their skins as the did. Here they laid, and here the yellow soup forming around them. They attracted other less successful skin formers to them, and here in the soup.

– They fed on them.

We, for that yellow slime is us dear Reader. We consumed the soup taking in into ourselves. We converted it across our thin skins, once bloated : We exploded, making new copies of ourselves.

– Then we go back to eating.

We number in our Thousands, then Millions, and then Billions.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. It has happened many, many times in the past, and this time : Like the rest that have happened before, would have ended in disaster. It happens because the rich yellow slime is stripped from the thin edge of the vent, and the yellow bubbles would starve.

– But this Event is different dear Survivor.

Instead of the colony dying off from starvation, one deformed [‘Yellow->Blue’] Bubble at the back : Turns on his Yellow birthing partner, then; with his sticky sugary skin, he consumes him.

– He eats another, and another.
– Then Explodes, giving Birth.
– We are that deformed Blue Bubble.

In our millions, we begin feeding on the first ones, who were found in their Millions at the outer reaches of the yellow slime colony.

The Blues, us; living at on the edge of the void maintain a healthy balance on the rim.

– The colony now being pruned, survives and continues.
– It develops.

Some Blues find they cannot stick to some Yellows. These survive, and reproduce. Other Blues with a different sticky sub set manage to eat them.

– Them that didn’t eat, die off.

In their Billions, bubble skins develop on both side. The sugar race is on. Because better skins, eat more, produce more, are more aggressive in their chemical reaction, and as a result.

– Make more of themselves.

– It’s just an improving chemical reaction.

Some Yellow skins are naturally better than others, and these skins eat faster, they also resist the advances of the Blues better, but the Blues are also improving their bubble skins for feeding.

– Natural Selection was in force.

If you can’t eat, you don’t reproduce, and your bubble skin design dies off. Some of the Blues can’t eat Yellows, but others on the outer rim can.

– Evolution Now Begins:


– Then it Happened!

A Blue claimed a Yellow to consume, but became stuck inside it. The Blue can’t eat, and the Yellow couldn’t dislodge him through his skin, but being a fat Yellow.

– He continues to consume.

Once the Yellow had gouged itself, they explode together.

– They had formed a union.


-What we call Mitochondria and Chloroplasts were once primitive bacterial cells. The outline above, describes the ‘Endosymbiotic’ theory.

– How did this theory get its name?

Symbiosis occurs when two different species benefit from living and working together.

When one organism actually lives inside the other it’s called Endosymbiosis.
– [ said as : ‘en – do – sym – bi – o – sis’ ]

— {{ Endo-sym-bio’sis }} —

The endosymbiotic theory, describes how a large host cell, and ingested bacteria; could easily become dependent on one another for survival. Resulting in a permanent relationship. Over millions of years of evolution, mitochondria and chloroplasts have become more specialized.

– And Today.
– They cannot live outside the Cell.



– And now you know why!


That was us Survivor.
We are Related : that was where we both began.

– That Master Bubble.
– Was our great, very, very great grandfather.

Our new life-form had been created. We eat both old Blues and the Yellows! – In our feeding, we grow strong, but we stripped the colony.

– Our numbers are now in the Trillions.

Then a lack of space, and availability of the Yellow slime; force us into a smaller and smaller area. A [ Blue+Yellow ] turns to eat his companion, but he doesn’t eat.

– They conjoin instead.

– The [‘two’] are strong, and turn on the [‘ones’].
They split, and their off spring becomes a successful breed.
Then space and food again is in short supply. In the manic feeding, a [‘two’] conjoins with a [‘one’], and they become a [‘three’], that becomes a [‘five’], then to an [‘eight’], [‘thirteen’], 21, 34 : 55.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, …
    … It’s the Fibonacci Sequence, and it mathematically balanced.

After time, the combinations of these chemical components became stable with their sugars regulated.
– The Mitochondria was formed.

– And we start eating the rich rocks on the Vent.

We are an evolved function, that was a chemical conversion factory. And on the vent, we did just that, and we converted the chemicals there with a high degree of efficiency.

The Mitochondria is present in both animal and plant cells in today’s world.

All it does is Eat : Develop : Reproduce!
And that, dearly Beloved.

[ Is the Meaning of Life. ]
– E. D. R. –

You Don’t Like It?
There must be more?
Sorry, but there isn’t.


– That’s all we are programmed to do.

But sitting on the Vent converting the sea, the heat and the minerals in the rocks is one thing. How we escaped, and what we did next, is covered in the next chapter.

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