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4 – the Origins of Animals – The Hard Age:

The story presented below, represents a series of events that covers some One Hundred to Two Hundred Million Years.

– The time lime shown here is massive.
– And cost Billions of lives.
– But it is us, from start to finish.

As a scaled lung fish, we move from the waters edge, and cautiously chase the insects out into thick dense forests. These impregnable places rise to the dizzy height of three feet or more.

Some of us cold blooded, loose our scales and stay in the mud, but we diverge. Some grow big, some get smaller, some eat the vegetation, and some eat the meat of our Brothers.

This dense world holds new perils, it is a place of death, and we can provide it with a healthy profit margin, but there are others in there as well. Who will eat us if they find us, but first; they have to find us.

We are living in the growing dense forests, and hiding under the rich ground. We are ground dwellers, and live in vast colonies.

Being the size of a large rat, we eat anything, and everything. Our adaptation in this dangerous world, is playing the numbers game.

We breed rapidly, and we die in our thousands, we are eaten, but it doesn’t matter.

– There are more of us, than them.

    … But in our vast numbers there is a cross over. Some of our children are born different.

– They smell.

Their stink is so awful, that they are ejected, chased out and are forced to live alone in their own burrows. They aren’t eaten by the other Hunters. They breed, with the fast adaptation.

– That ejected dinosaur rat was us.

The smelly reptile population explodes. The ones that smell the worst, breed more children. That stink adaptation, takes on a hue with our scales splaying and splitting: then the rank air gets worst with every successful generation.

With outrageous confidence, we now advertise our presents amongst the Hunters, whom we now ignore, but they are still happy to kill and eat our small Grandfather Reptile Rats.

We are not big, but there are a lot of us, and we still eat anything and everything.

– We are the new dinosaur dustbin men.

Time moves on, and our splayed scales become even finer. Till they begin to feather with bright colours, that tell the Hunters we are not good eating.

Our stink is now rank, and our breeding colonies are a place to avoid, and all the time we are breeding our way up the vast continent.

– Space for us becomes an issue.

Nearing the edge of the cold lands, we can breed no further, but discover that our feathers can keep us warm when we nest our eggs. We can brood in the cold. Our feathers keep us warm at night.

– Them that can move even further, breed faster.

Our bodies become warm at night naturally. The warm blooded adaptation is developed. We move even further into the cold zone, eating the new vegetation and insects that is freely available.

– No cold bloods ever come here.
– We are alone, and get lazy, and breed even more.
– We have no natural predators.

Some of our number, even smaller : are much lighter than us. With this weight advantage, they learn to leap and eventually fly using their feathers between the branches of the giant trees. Here there is good feeding of insect life, and up here; it’s found in abundance. After a short time, the small feathered warm blooded egg layers.
– Become the Birds.

Using this flight adaptation, they move back to the warmer lands, and away from our vast squabbling colonies.

Others grow larger, and also leave for the warmer richer feeding grounds to the south. They can hunt their new prey in the cold of night. They become large successful killers, praying on the even bigger cold bloods that live in the south.

– We develop even larger nesting sites and herds.

One female, born from her Father and Mother has a defect. When she mates, her eggs don’t come. They remain inside her. She continues to feed, and hunt, and carries them full term.

– Breaking out of their shells inside her.
– She births them live.

Her Children also inherit her fault, and carry their own chicks full term.

– It’s an advantage.
– We are not tied to a nesting sites any-more.
– We can take our nests with us.
– We move on and graze, and hunt with growing confidence.
– It’s a brilliant, evolved adaptation.

That deformed creature was us.

– But the deformity can kill.

Carrying the eggs full term inside females, has a fatal flaw. The breaking shells can kill. Them that have weak, or no shells; survive. In this cruel harsh climate, and after a thousand deaths, the true womb with an umbilical cord is developed.

– We are from that Blood Line.

We are those smelly warm blooded feathered carnivore rats. Who are still the same size as their modern day equivalent. We can also give birth to live, highly developed young.

Over time, with an easy food supply, and an easier environment : we get really lazy, and so do our young; who demand more and more from us. Many are born still connected to their umbilical cords. It stays connected to them for longer and longer periods.

– Initially we carry them with us.
– But they are weak when they fall off.
– We dig deep holes to keep them warm in the cold climate as we rear them.

The weak die, the more successful are born with umbilical cords, that become teats at the rear of the womb, and the young learn to suckle on demand.

– They do this, when we return from night time Hunting.
– We are again confined to our deep warm nesting sites.
– Our own success, was also our down-fall.

We are now small warm blooded, finely feathered animals that stink. Our feathers are now so fine, that it resembles modern fur. We also give birth to live young, that we suckle.

– And who are getting weaker with every generation.

Then the great green Plague begins its slow sweep across the cool, and warming planet. Vast savannah’s slowly replace the thick woodlands and forests. The giant dinosaurs that fed exclusively on the weeds, can’t tolerate the new grasses.

They die out from lack of food, the Hunters that fed on them also begin to disappear, but not all the dinosaurs vanish.

In a small strip, in the tropics; Alligators and Crocodiles survive, and hibernate. Waking they feed on the cold blooded Frogs, who ignore the grass. Algae, and Insects are their food source, but slow Turtles and small Lizards learn to feed on it, as do the birds.

– The world is changing.
– And it becomes ours.

Many of us move into it, learning to eat the grass. With our warm blood, they can spend the time digesting it.

– We didn’t go down that path.
– We did what we always did, we eat what was left.
– Our children in this warm world, were the Survivors.

This is how the Reptiles became warm blooded animals.

– We are the children of the birthing adaptation.
– The stinkers.
– The garbage eaters.
– Them that grew feathers to advertise our presents.
– We kept warm in the cold regions.
– Our feathers became even finer.
– We gave birth to our live young, who fed on our milk.

But by this great time everyone stank, and we again found ourselves. We were a rich food source for the newly developed Cat and Dog Hunters. We did what everyone else had down in the past; we moved into the forests, and up into the safety of the trees.

– Some stayed small and relied on speed.
– Some hid, and only came out at night.

We got bigger. Our big children could fend off the hunters. We were protected up here, but being big in a tree does require large hands and feet to support the greater bulk.
– Them with small hands and feet fell from grace.
– And succumbed to the serpents below.
– They did not reproduce.

In the high trees, we could breed in relative safely.

– We also formed in huge troupes to keep the Hunters at bay.
– It worked.

Our Monkey Mothers got bigger and Bigger, and from that size perspective, we were protected. We still ate freely on anything we could find. After a time, we came to dominate the Canopies.

– From that domination.
– We came down to the ground and moved with confidence.

The Cat and Dog Hunters were food for us, if we could catch them. They leaned to avoid us in our large troupes.

Our Grand-Fathers and Grand-Mothers became stable, established, and bred, and ate with renewed confidence.

Our elders were the survivors that continued. We are not one of the fallen, we are the Survivors.

We are from the Monkey, and Great Ape Stock that bred, and successfully had children; that in turn lived to breed again.

One of the Apes and their Children, were our Forefathers.
– Just One : Created Everyone Else.

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