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1 – The Survivor’s Story.

Dearly Belove’d, this isn’t simple.

  • And truth be told: tis’ quite long, but in its lengthy reading, I hope that you might find it simply amusing as well.
    • Because for you the reader, and for me the writer, we are simply the long shot (Soul Survivors!).
      • All provable because we are simply here and now, ..

We have survived it all: from the beginnings of life in the warm seas, through to the hardening floppy fish, and then on up to the egg laying cold-blooded reptiles. Hereafter we then moved on through to the emergence of the live-birth warm-bloods, and from there we then witnessed ourselves coming down from the trees, then standing on our own two legs; we proudly walked out into the world.

  • Together, we have both come through it all.
    • Together, we have arrived at this precise moment in time.

You, who are reading this web page: is a (Soul Survivor), and have done it with our (Genes), that were passed down through the long-dream-time by our (Parents), who were collectively responsible for this (Miracle of Life), didn’t we do well.

Now dear survivor, please come with me on a trip down the long forgotten time lines to visit our dim and distant dreaming past, ..

  • As you do, just consider my theories on their merits only.
    • And also delete all your preconceived ideas on what you have been told on the process of evolution, and (Dearly Belove’d), please please please remember this fact as you take in the statements presented before you.


<The Running Outline.>

If a million successful animals breed in a vast grazing herd, then at some point, a closely related pair will mate, (have sexual intercourse), then that unclean (sexual union) will produce a deformed offspring: a corrupted child, commonly called, a runt.

And normally it dies.

That is, if it previously didn’t abort in the womb.

  • This is nature at its worst, (its harshest).
    • The rules are simple, the young die if they aren’t fit enough to stand and run.
      • And in a herd of a million animals, one death is irrelevant, ..

But – one runt can survive if the deformity allows them to breathe, eat and exploit their defect.

If They Can Do That Very Simple Thing, ..

Then They Can Breed Themselves.

Dear (Soul Survivor) reading this, I propose that it’s this interbreeding and the deformity that follows, that is the primary driver for moving the evolutionary process ever onwards.

<The Back Runners.>

It’s these defects in the (gene stock) that creates mismatched fault lines in the DNA, and that’s the reason why we can never see a missing link in an evolved life form.

  • They can happen over the course of one or two generations: its these inherent defects that could be a minor or major deformity that the malformed-creature exploits, and not as supposed: being better or stronger at something — thusly improving the evolved stock to be better at doing (something), because the first thing you have to ask is (what something?)

This superior simple way of thinking about something is simply wrong on so many levels, but what it really does: is simply make us feel proud of being at the pinnacle of our own personal evolutionary process, simply supreme and a concept that’s very simple to think about.

<Running Back.>

Here I repeat myself dear reader, and please keep this simple fact in mind.
Yet again the facts remain.

Now (Dearly Belove’d), and my closest (Sole Survivor) to this exact point and moment in our simply simple deformed time-line: please read on.

the Origins of Life. .. [ Part 2 ]
the Origins of Aquatics. .. [ Part 3 ]

the Origins of Animals. .. [ Part 4 ]
the Origins of Humanity. .. [ Part 5 ]
the Next Origin. .. [ Part 6 ]

Copyright © Mrs Jessica Simpson.
All rights reserved, from the year of our Lord 2007, to (Now), and (Beyond!)

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