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My Main Contact

[ Proposed Connection Methods ]

Firstly, .. via my contact form.

    Click to accept my terms and conditions, basically I want your first born.
    Joke! Your second will do.

    Secondly, .. email me via my web address.

    Thirdly, .. give us a call via the trusty old UK land-line number.

    [+44] 1793 – 330624

    ** running note: the old steam powered (telling-bone) is never picked up and is basically gathering dust: it is however permanently connected to the extremely well supported tele-sales feeder-lines, (wry smile), so to dissuade the hungry scavengers from consuming my precious time with their wonderfully all consuming offers, the two way communications device has one of those new swanky tape-driven answer-machines hanging off of the arse end of it: which means that you can use that (new-tech) to leave me a message should you so wish.

    The forth and final method that you might like to embark upon, to thusly get my undivided attention: is simply via the built in WordPress comments system [ Reply Box ], the one that you cannot currently see.

    But that can be remedied: it’s removal was all due to rogue spam bots throwing their unsolicited spammy tripe & stinking shit through my open letter box. The bottom lineThese days the powered texting circuits need to be physically activated, which is simply achieved by a subdued-mouse-clicking event or even a dose of quick-fingering near the (load comments) button sited below the bottom line.

    ** It’s not a public letter box, the comments won’t be approved, and only I can see them.


    Thanks for reading, Jessica: Praise be the ORI.

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